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    Possible Fixes to New Client Guide!

    Since this thread is open, I might as well take advantage of it by providing any fixes to certain issues brought up.
    Just kidding, announcement thread closed.

    As of August 15th, we've received a new client! With it came a couple of issues which are expected, but here are some fixes for the August 15th client errors!

    Reported Issues:

    Aries.exe is not loading at all! The process just opens and immediately closes!

    Aries.exe client is outdated even after downloading the new one!

    Possible Fixes:

    Fix Number 1:

    Open up Device Manager
    Scroll down to Monitors
    Uninstall Generic PnP Monitor
    Now hit "Scan for Hardware Changes" at the top toolbar of Device Manager.

    Restart your computer and run Aries.exe!


    It has come to my attention that not everyone can reinstall their Monitors as easily as other pure pre-manufactured computers such as HP/Dell or have more than one monitor.

    If you don't have Generic PnP Monitor, it should have the monitors you have installed. Please reinstall the monitor you WILL be using for AriesMS. They should both show in the same place where Generic PnP Monitor will show.

    Fix number 2:

    Add an exception for the new Aries.exe in the following programs:

    Windows Firewall
    Windows Defender

    Restart your computer and run Aries.exe!

    Fix number 3:

    Reinstall x86 C++ 2015/2016.
    Download x64 C++ 2015/2016.

    Restart your computer and run Aries.exe!

    Fix number 4:

    If all else fails, do attend yourself to the fixes provided in the Troubleshoot 201 guide here.

    DO NOT download the alternative client from there. It will not work as it is outdated.

    Fix number 5:

    If ALL fixes (including 6 and if more) have not worked, try this.

    Reinstall MapleStory and Aries.

    Can't download from the Mega source because of possible country restrictions or something else?:

    Mediafire Link courtesy of Spyro -

    -NEW- Fix number 6:

    Download this Elluel.dll

    Make sure to ALWAYS restart your computer after running a fix and before starting AriesMS.
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