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    Liam's Link Mule Level up guide

    Hi there all I know not all of you have your link mules to atleast level 120.
    I'm making this guide to help you powerlevel those mules ridiculously fast.
    What you'll need is a little more than 5k leaves and a (willing) friend who can kill strong mobs quickly.

    Note: Im going to dank this thread with some more in depth images later on.

    STEP1 Use your leaves in the fm to gain exp (if you do not know how to do this ask around I cba to give you the exact amount of leaves you need per level, I'll add this in later)
    You want to level your character using leaves to get to level 90

    STEP2 You and your willing high level mobber go to Elite Channel Roids. Party up.

    STEP 3 (Grab a rune because this will go much faster that way.) Make your mobber friend kill the roids until you hit 110. (depending on speed this'll take about a minute and a half)

    STEP 4 The second you hit level 110 you and your mobber use quickmove and go to LHC(Desolate Moor) Kill the Crockys here until the mule is lvl 120
    (should take about 2 minutes)

    If you follow this guide correctly you should get your character to 120 in about 10-12 minutes
    TY Granberg for helping me test speed.
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