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    Daily Party Quest Guide

    Hey everyone, I’m back again with another guide this time on how to do all the party quests that are normally ran for a fresh daily pq run for those that may be unsure about it or don’t wish to go in blind. As always there may be small mistakes in the guide but most of the important stuff should be correct so I hope it helps.

    Special thanks for Remark, Unsadistic and Kerchoo for helping me do a slow run so I could take the required screenshots and get the required information (mostly the cd locations) to write the guide.

    Why should I do daily pq?
    Doing all of these pq runs will net you roughly 45k pq points to use in the shop, premium fusion ticket pieces and a decent amount of nx (can't remember total).

    With those points you can sell or use the items (Mainly Innocence Scroll 40%, Silver and Gold Bonus Potential Stamps, and Superior Shield Wards).

    I will be colouring the text different depending on what type of stage it is as it would help with readability.
    (Red) Kill
    (Blue) Jump Quest
    (Black) Kill + Pick Up
    (Green) Maze/Puzzle

    Orbis Party Quest: 3 Entries

    Escape Party Quest: 3 Entries

    Romeo and Juliet Party Quest: 4 Entries each (8 total)

    Ellin Party Quest: 3 Entries

    Ludibrium Party Quest: 5 Entries

    Thank you for for reading this daily party quest guide and I hope it helps. If you have any comments, concerns, suggestions or corrections feel free to comment below or pm on discord @ Henepedia#3014
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    Do the other PQs not give anything or do they not work?
    Thanks for the guide by the way!



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