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Thread: Ban appeal

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    Ban appeal

    In Game Name :LastThirst
    Staff who banned you :Elyx
    Reason For Ban :Abuse of Gm Power
    Why should we give you another chance? :I realised I did a wrong thing as a gm and should not have done by giving out free items to random players which i should not have done... Now i Felt Guilty and willing to change by using the good of gm poistion to make solumsea a fun and Clean enviroment for the old and new players.. I promise i will not be a 2nd offender and will not repeat this same mistake that i did. Im sorry to the admin and Solum Stuff for doing this offensive action.

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    Abusing power is a serious breach of trust that is shared between the Solum Staff and Admins of the server.
    Once bitten. Twice shy my dear.



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