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    Important Suggestion

    I've seen alot of people having the "After clicking the connect button it still connects to the official maplesea server// log-in incorrect after confirming alot of times" etc.etc problem.

    Is there no way to making it so that players won't have to click connect to join Solum? My thoughts are that this problem is affecting the increasement of players after countering this problem.

    I've encountered this problem quite few times by now because sometimes it works after clicking connect once and it doesn't work even after clicking connect 69 times. I always fix this problem with a back-up clean maple folder in my hard-disk when every time this problem comes up.

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    The connect button does not affect the connecting to the server. Let me put it this way, if the connect button doesn't work, it means that the netsh of the client has failed to make a connection so even if its automated connecting, it will still fail.



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