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    Quote Originally Posted by Sothea View Post
    IGN: Sothea
    Nickname: Cyn
    Gender: Female
    Timezone: SG
    Tell us about yourself.: I'm 18 this year, currently studying HNitec Accting and graduating at the end of this year yay. I am shy, but definitely helpful towards others. I joined ariesMS cause of Easoth, i played maplestory when i was like 8/9 years old LOL. Definitely brings back a lot of memories.
    Why have you decided to join Surreal?: Surreal members are extremely helpful and nice towards people. Also, Easoth referred me to this guild.
    What's your expectation after joining us?: Hopefully be able to make more friends in-game as Surreal members seem really friendly, also in real lifexD
    Previous Guild?: nope
    Hey Cyn!

    We're pleased to inform you that you've been accepted! We've a lot of players who started playing maple since young, so maybe you can find some common interests here too. Feel free to join our discord and make new friends! (We seem to have daily steam games voice channel, don't feel shy to join in)

    We hope you enjoy this server as much as we do, and yes, welcome to Surreal family!

    Do look for any JRs to be invited. See you around!
    Hyemin / Surreal
    “But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

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    IGN: ZTAlgorithm
    Nickname: Algo
    Gender: Male
    Timezone: SG GMT+8
    Tell us about yourself : I'm coming 20 this year and currently waiting for my enlistment probably around August - October. Like many of you guys, I've also started maplestory in 2007 when pirates don't even exist. I would consider myself a mushroom as i'm a fungi. (If you know what I mean )
    Why have you decided to join Surreal?: I'm pretty sure that Surreal family will provide a wonderful mapling experience and I also hope to contribute back to Surreal as a veteran.
    What's your expectation after joining us?: I hope to blend in with the Surreal family as soon as possible (Don't worry, I don't bite )
    Previous Guild?: Faegits. It was created with a group of my friends in polytechnic as we wanted to try out AriesMS together. However, after about a few weeks, they got inactive and it's about time for me to aim for something higher.

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    IGN : Sorua
    Nickname : Jacob
    Gender : Male
    Timezone : MY
    Tell us about yourself : Just got my SPM results ( final exam results ) and found this private server (ariesms) and decided to try it out and i played it non stop for 10 hours straight. I was looking for guides in the forums and guild poped up in my mind so i decided to find a guild in forums then i came across this guild that is for SG / MY and i also mainly play League of Legends and Path of exile.
    What's your expectation after joining us? : Hoping to meet friends so that can enhance my private server experience.
    Previous Guild : None ( joined a week ago )



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