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    Dark Elemental bug

    IGN: TheDarKnight
    Job: Night Walker
    Job Level: 250 Paragon 50

    Description of Bug (Explain the bug, How is it done, what should it really be doing? etc. An unclear description will not get the bug fixed):

    Dark Elemental is applied upon attacking with star throwing skill, stack to 5 dealing DoT and apply IED for the Night Walker (7% per mask,up to 35% at 5 stack, accumulated effect of Dark Elemental and Adaptive Darkness I,II,III. Currently the IED isn't working and the indicator stuck at 1 stack although the DoT line is correctly inflicted.

    Screenshot (If Applicable):
    Skill description of Dark Elemental and Addaptive Darkness I,II,III

    At 57% IED, if I hit on 300PDR dummy with or without Dark Elemental mask both deal 1 damage.

    Math behind: With 57% IED +20% IED from boost node= 65% IED ignored, with 300 PDR dummy I need atleast 67% IED to start doing damage. If the IED from the mask worked even just 1 stack I would have 57% IED+20%IED+7%IED=68% IED

    After I added Blaster legion (5% IED) and my IED is increased to 59% (59%IED+20% IED = 67%IED) I started doing damage WITHOUT the mask

    This prove that the mask isn't giving IED as it should.

    The indicator of the mask applied alway stay at 1, but the number of DoT line is applied correctly so this is most likely a visual bug

    However the number of mask is displayed correctly on reward box

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    we lost like 140% dmg of DoT. My dpm with bug DoT like 600b. Hope they fix it soon and i will try again my dpm xD
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    Quote Originally Posted by bongsreko View Post
    we lost like 140% dmg of DoT. My dpm with bug DoT like 600b. Hope they fix it soon and i will try again my dpm xD
    The DoT works fine and actually does stack 5 times. What's bugged is the IED application as well as mark count.

    Sprite - Paragon 50 Phantom
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