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    Paladin "God-mode" bug

    For the past 2 weeks or so my paladin has been taking damage in "God-mode" which is also known as sacrosanctity. The first most noticeable case is that I am dying to gollux damage reflect when I was in god-mode while the other is taking damage from lotus at the third stage. Normally this does not happen in other bosses since they don't really get the chance to cast damage reflect so I cannot say for sure that I would not die in "God-mode" if they used damage reflect.

    IGN: ChivasRegal
    Job: Paladin
    Level: 225

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    As a Phantom who uses sacrosanctity, I did not run into the issue of dying to Damage Reflect, but I can confirm the bug of dying to Lotus P3 Purple Ball attack and to Zakum's ohko attacks.

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    Same issue with Dark Knight in Final pact form supposedly god mode.



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