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    Exclamation Training guide for new players and get funded along the way

    This guide is ideally built for link skill characters. And only up to Lvl 120+. After Lvl 125 is just what I am doing. No fixed guide from me for that part

    Recommended class : Any class
    Pros : 1) Lvl 2 link skills
    2) 50-60 Old Maple Coins
    3) 300-400 Monster Park Coins
    4) 10-15m Mesos
    5) Chances of getting Aquatic Letters face accessory

    Cons : 1) Boring Monster Park runs
    2) Take 2-3 hours just to get to Lvl 120+

    Before you start, open Key Configuration and put these shortcuts into your key "Boss" and "Guide".

    Here we go,

    Lvl 1-30 Henesys
    Head to the most right portal into mushrooms hunting ground. Just make your way to blue mushmom area and kill whatever that stands in your way. Don't forget to pickup coins, maple leaf and spell trace along the way.

    Lvl 30-50 [Theme Dungeon] Ellinel Magic Academy
    Usually I just train in the first map you enters, where you collect the leaf for quest. I trained there till Lvl 48 which doesn't take long provided you use runes. Rune of Might is highly recommended because you will become a giant and just stomp. Its 1-jump-KO.
    Why Lvl 48. When you complete the quest you will get around 190k quest completion exp which will up 1 Lvl and 99.99% Exp. So just kill anything and you'll get to Lvl 50

    Lvl 50-63 [Theme Dungeon] Riena Straits
    Head to Riena Straits and complete till wolf/witch quest. If you are Archer or Mage class I recommend only until wolf quest. Other classes till witch quest. The witch quest is just talking and catching fish. Can be done pretty fast for extra Exp.

    Lvl 63-70 Ariant, Female Sandbunny
    Enter the most right portal and you'll find the sandbunny there. Just train there till Lvl 75. The idea of doing this is to get zebra ticket piece.
    Note that their Lvl is way higher when you go at Lvl 60~ish but don't worry. I tried with warrior class and I can still hit. It might take a while until you can kill them easily. Well, we can't complaint when we're still unfunded. Try to get to Lvl 75 and around 250 zebra ticket piece. If you get 250 zebra ticket pieces before Lvl 75, continue until Lvl 75. If you are Lvl 75 but not enough zebra ticket pieces, collect until you have Zebra ticket pieces.

    Lvl 75-115 Monster Park
    Usually takes 23-25 Zebra Ticket to ge to Lvl 115. Here monster park strictly follow character Lvls. Why come in at Lvl 75? Any stages below Lvl 75 takes lots of time. In fact, Lvl 75-80 stage is underwater stage. Might be a little hard to move but you can get to Lvl 80+ in just 2 runs. So bear with it.
    In the future when you are hunting monster park coins, you might want to go slow in Black Mountain stage, like with 1x Exprate. Because there is a monster called Blin here that gives you 2 drops. 1 in spirit form and 1 in stone form. If you use 2x drop rate will be 2x with this particular monster. We'll talk about using 2x drop rate later.

    Lvl 115-120+ Normal Zakum
    Just do 2 runs killing all arms and body. If you damage is still low I suggest clearing the 4 arms on 1 side (preferably right because it is easier then left). Then, attack the body until left 20% HP. Note that when arms are still intact (Unless left 1 arm) the body won't attack. After that just clear the arms on the other side and finish off the body.

    Alright that's all for the main part. You can trade monster park coins for stuffs and sell them in FM. It depends on the current trade rate. But I suggest you keep it for your own use.

    If you plan to use 2x Drop Rate
    Recommend you to read this section if you are planning to follow my guide + using 2x Drop Rate.

    I've tried using 2x Drop Rate at different phase and I realise from Lvl 1-75 2x Drop Rate doesn't have any big impact other than wasting my time. Then, I tried using 2x Drop Rate when going into Monster Park and guess what? I gt around 20m Mesos and at least 650 Monster Park Coins when I reached Lvl 115

    So, if you are planning to use 2x Drop Rate, do this instead....

    1) Create at least 3 characters and get them to Lvl 75 following the steps above and prepare your Zebra Ticket
    2) Buy pet skills - Auto Move, Extended Range, Auto Feed (to have access to different levels)
    3) Buy a 4hour 2x Drop Rate from Lirin in free market/reward coin icon on your left for 2 Vote Points.
    3) Start Monster Park. Here's the trick, while you're at it, don't bother using any buff. It will just slow you down. Go in spam skill while your pet moves to pick up Mesos and Monster Park Coins. Monsters killable in 1-2 hits provided you update your equipment all the time. The free equipments will do.
    4) When 1 character is done, go into Cash Shop, put the 2x drop rate and the pet with pet skills into your cash storage.
    5) Open the other Lvl 75 character, retrieve them from cash storage and repeat the cycle.

    You are able to complete 3 characters and have some time left on your 2x drop rate. If you feel its enough for one more character just move on. That's why 3-4 Lvl 75 characters ready with zebra ticket is recommended.

    Here is the Lvl 120-200 section. Not really good but this is what I do.

    Lvl 125-200 Ghost Park
    If you did the 2x normal zakum runs you should be over Lvl 125. If not just grind in Roids map in Magatia till Lvl 125. Why Ghost Park? It's like evo lab.
    Full of monsters and good exp.

    Here's what you need to do:
    1) Talk to Spiegelman and take all his quests
    2) Use Charm of.. Rage, Regret, Greed, Sloth and Gluttony. All Lvl 3. This will give you a clean 230k charm bonus exp each kill. The monster exp is not very high usually just around 20k.
    3) Never activate Charm of Envy or Charm of Jealousy if you think you want to make full use of the 10 mins time inside.

    A full 10 mins runs for 5 trials will get you to around Lvl 150.

    Lvl 150-200 Dimension Invasion/Evo Lab
    I recommend going to Evo Lab first because Dimension Invasion is really hard. You need decent damage and mobbing skill. in 3 mins you have to kill more than 1000 monsters and there's a limit. If you exceed the limit, you fail. So go into Evo Lab first for full 3 runs and then only tackle Dimension Invasion.

    Basically this is what I do after killing 2x normal zakum. If you're still not Lvl 200... Wait till reset and try again ^^

    Thanks for sparing your time to read this guide.
    Hope it helps.
    If you find it helpful to you, tell your friends about it.

    Thanks again.
    Signing out,


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    Thanks man, Great Guide!

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    Also, Spiegelman does not have the quests you said, so how do i get to Ghost park?



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