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    == In Depth AriesMS Guide ==

    Hello everyone! This is a fairly in-depth guide to help out players, whether new or old, so that they can feel comfortable navigating the server and such. There will be several sections so make sure you take a look at what sections you need help with! This will not only include staff guides, but also player guides (with permission from the original creators) in order to give more perspectives and ways to help players. If you have any suggestions, want a certain subject added or want to say something to me about this guide, feel free to PM me here on the forums or on discord [Undefined#7564]. If you like the thread, you can give it a "Thanks". I will be keeping this thread locked to make sure that is stays clean.

    There are some key important parts in order to navigate this thread to the best of its potential.
    One, you can open the special spoiler boxes by simply hovering your mouse over the box and left-clicking on it. When you are finished, you can then click the 'hide' icon to close the special spoiler box. If you do not see the 'Hide' button, you can also click the Spoiler Tag button again to close it.

    Next, as you read and navigate this thread, you will see blue colored text, when you see blue text, that means you can click on that text and it will open a link to another page.

    Now on to the guides! They will all be in spoilers from now on to keep it more organized and to avoid huge walls of text.




    [Below items need to be update/edited/changed,but they still have some truth to them.]

    To add: Inner Ability stuff? Profession Stuff?
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