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    Paragon Reward Suggestions!

    Hello everyone!

    If you do not know, we have a special feature here on the Elluel Network known as 'Paragon Leveling'. This basically allows you to get to level 350 (they are hidden levels though). As you level up, you are able to gain different rewards, and in order to find good rewards, we want to know what you would like!

    All you have to do is leave a comment below and that's it!

    Before you comment though, please make sure that:

    • Your comment/idea has not been posted before. If it has, click the "Thanks" button on that suggestion
    • Do not post any unreasonable/inappropriate suggestions. Doing so will get them deleted and result in an infraction.
    • Just because a suggestion has many "Thanks", that does not mean it will be implemented.
    • You may suggest edits or changes for the current Paragon Rewards.

    Thank you and good luck with suggestions! We are looking forward to see what you creative minds have!

    -Elluel Network Staff Team.
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    Can we get an elaborate explanation on some of the current rewards first? What does it mean by 'Gain 5 AP per level', does it mean that from level 10 onwards you get 5 AP per level up until level 30, which changes to 7 AP per level? What does 'better cubing chance +150' do?

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    Well I guess we don't have it so at Paragon 1: 100% Stance (please)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
    Can we get an elaborate explanation on some of the current rewards first? What does it mean by 'Gain 5 AP per level', does it mean that from level 10 onwards you get 5 AP per level up until level 30, which changes to 7 AP per level? What does 'better cubing chance +150' do?
    When i was leveling up my paragon i was getting 5 AP per level at level 1 so i assume they stack thus making you get 10 AP every level after Level 10 Paragon.

    OT: My suggestions may seem a bit broken, Paragon leveling should not be easy and not to hard.
    but the rewards should give you the ultimate satisfaction of all the hard work you put in just to achieve that milestone.

    Level 0 Paragon: Gain 5 AP per level (if possible) or 100% Power Stance
    Level 10 Paragon: Cool Down Reduction -2 or 3 (if possible)
    Level 20 Paragon: Gain 5 AP per Level
    Level 30 Paragon: 50% DMG Cap Increase
    Level 40 Paragon: HP/MP increase by 15%
    Level 50 Paragon: WA/MA increase by 10% (this can be either Level 50 or Level 60.)
    Level 60 paragon: 100% DMG Cap release ( this can be either Level 50 or Level 60.)
    Level 70 paragon: 2x/2x drop/meso (does not stack with 2x/drop/mesos cards from vp/dp/rp.)
    Level 80 Paragon: Gain 15 AP per level + Scrolling success rate increase by 10%( stacks with max dillegence)
    Level 90 Paragon: Better Cubing chance 150+ ( don't know how that works i assume better lines?)
    Level 100 Paragon: (i really can't think of anything for Level 100 Paragon)

    I tried to keep some of the rewards(made them a little more useful), and made Damage cap more easily obtainable rather than waiting til lvl 100 Paragon.
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    I think the paragon leveling system would benefit greatly from easing away the damage cap as opposed to only releasing it at a certain level. I also see that with the current system, you'd only gain an extra 6 hyper stat points, which won't do much considering that most hyper stats requires a total of 150 points just to get them up to level 10. Here's what I propose:

    Level 1: 100% stance, gain 6 hyper stat points per level up to paragon level 26 (total: 150)
    Level 10: Gain 5 AP per level, damage cap increased to 55,000,000
    Level 20: Gain Hyper SP. (2 for passive), damage cap increased to 60,000,000

    Level 26: Gain 10 hyper stat points per level up to paragon level 51 (total: 250)
    Level 30: Gain 7 AP per level, damage cap increased to 65,000,000
    Level 40: Gain Hyper SP. (2 for passive), damage cap increased to 70,000,000
    Level 50: 2x meso rate, damage cap increased to 75,000,000

    Level 51: Gain 14 hyper stat points per level up to paragon level 76 (total: 350)
    Level 60: HP/MP increased by 10%, damage cap increased to 80,000,000
    Level 70: WA/MA increased by 10%, damage cap increased to 85,000,000

    Level 76: Gain 18 hyper stat points per level up to paragon level 99 (total: 450)
    Level 80: Scrolling % Increase by 10%, damage cap increased to 90,000,000
    Level 90: Better Cubing chance +150, damage cap increased to 95,000,000
    Level 100: Gain 105 hyper stat points, Full DMG cap release, Drop rate increase by 2x.

    This would allow you to max out all of your hyper stats once you reach paragon level 100 by giving you a total of 1,305 hyper stat points. Of course, the stance one wouldn't really be necessary to max out since you'd already have 100% stance as of level 1, but it'd still be satisfying to see all of them maxed out. This system also has the added benefit of a slow, steady increase to the damage cap instead of sudden big increases as soon as you reach a certain level.

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    In general, I'd like to see a more gradual increase of everything instead of a huge threshold. If you remember old Paragon in D3, you got 3% MF/GF per paragon level. So in this case, instead of 2x meso at 50 and 2x item drop at 100, you would get 2% meso and 1% item drop rate each level, where meso drop rate would stop increasing at 50.
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    At level 250, players who have reached GMS level cap should obtain a special medal.
    This medal can be equipped with buffed/special stats and/or potential.
    Every 5 or 10 paragon levels the player achieves gives them a bigger boost/bonus on their newly obtained medal.

    For Example:
    Level 250: Player obtains a new medal with reasonable stats. +10 all stats, +20 WA/MA
    Paragon 5/10: Player's medal gets buffed. +25 all stats, +35 WA/MA, maybe some potential such as %ATT / % Boss damage.

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    In my opinion the Paragon system, as it stands, does not reward players enough to motivate them to level. Most players who hit level 250 will most likely already hit cap or close to cap, this makes the first 4 rewards in Paragon a bit meaningless. Players are able to hit cap without the extra SP and hyper points provided by the first 49 levels of paragon. So in actuality players who decide to level will only really benefit from the reward at Paragon level 50.

    My suggestion is for gradual change. Instead of having the damage cap increase at level 50 and lvl 100, my suggestion is to have a 5% Cap increase every 5 levels up to the full 100% increase at Paragon 100. This helps players level at a faster pace but does not significantly affect anything else. I’m sure the EXP curve for leveling will only increase at a dramatic pace and giving players a 5m cap in smaller intervals will help those level a bit easier.

    Some players suggested having 100% stance be placed at level 1. I believe having stance is a major benefit to classes that do not have stance but i also believe that giving an automatic 100% stance at early levels of paragon is something that is seen as “overpowered”. Most classes are designed without stance because they have a range advantage of some sorts, there are also link skills to assist with stance so my suggestion is instead of giving 100% stance right away, we can ease into it with gradual change. Giving say 50% stance at level 10 paragon and 100% stance at Level 20 paragon.

    I really have no Ideas for Paragon but these are some of my thoughts, I’ll add more if i ever think of something
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    As of right now, getting to lvl 250 means nothing to most casual players. I already hit cap as a casual lvl 210, I would suggest something to make leveling up more innovative because getting to 200-250 is a challenge already as there is few little places to grind. What is the point of hitting 250 when you can basically kill all the bosses you need around level 200.

    If you want Paragon level to mean more please revamp Chaos channel Bosses and give it some more custom drops besides "Flames".
    (60 for 1 item upgrade is along time considering not many people actually do those bosses and that we only got 1 Flame for killing a boss)

    As for Paragon rewards, I suggest giving players more of %ATT/%Boss dmg buff to increase their dmg when Chaos Channel bosses become a big priority in the game.
    Also, you can add small things like No cube Fee, Higher drop chances for Coins, Mesos rate +%, Decent skills only have to be worn once and permanently stay until logged off.

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    status resist +20, max move speed +20 and 1% buff duration per paragon level could be really nice options or make it super op and go +10% weapon mastery
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