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    honor exp farming 2

    I tried to hunt for elite boss. However I din get anything, seems like the bonus stage bugged. I suggest adding honor exp drop by giant mob boss. This is because people can get it more easily. For example, if the elite boss give 10k. Giant boss give abt 500 each mob Becuz giant boss can spawn easily. It will be fair for those newbie that are Nt able to kill elite boss Becuz giant boss is much more easier. It will aso motivate people to continue go kill mobs to farm honor exp because I believe there are many people think that elite Boss are hard to spawn. Giant mob are alot easier.

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    First of all bonus stage isn't bugged, if your too high lvl compared to the monster lvl, you will not be able to loot the bonus drops.
    Then for the elite monsters to drop honor medals, I think is alright, so approved.



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