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    memes' suggestions tho...

    clover coin shop
    you should make the equipment that isn't rings cheaper. it's super expensive and not worth buying any items except for the rings, specs, and maybe dark angelic blessing. it costs wayyyy too many coins to get most of them. i farmed the dungeons for exp and coins for like 45 minutes and got maybe 20 coins.

    i think the equipment (hat, top, bottom, shoe, glove, cape, etc.) should be made maybe 40-50 coins each, but the rings stay the same price.

    boss party quest
    you should add more items available for purchase. maybe cubes, various scrolls, gachapon tickets, RP coins?

    monster nx
    it's really, really low. you can make way more NX via boss pq. you should up monster NX, or add buffed channels. something to make mobbing classes worth playing, because from what ive seen right now, it's basically spam bpq.
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    Clover Coin shop and Monster NX's suggestion will be implemented. But as for BossPQ, we wont add any more items into it to make it as you have mentioned at the 3rd point, players are only doing BPQ everyday so we want to put various items else where.



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