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    Pretty sure theres a mesos % obtained bug

    IGN :Glaskuzune

    Job: Demon Avenger

    Job Level: 205

    Description of Bug: Im told that the mesos % obtained potential works on this server. I have gotten 80% mesos obtained and its not giving anymore than if I had my 0%. I have tried it on multiple mobs by putting on and taking off the equipment and there is no change at all.
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    Please follow the reporting format.

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    Also note that there is technically an individual meso "cap" for mobs. So low level mobs can never drop as much as high leveled mobs given the same amount of % meso applied.

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    There's a threshold before the effect kicks in, it is every 100%. So you'll need to get either a total of 100%, 200% or 300% of mesos obtained rate (probably applies to item drop rate% too) and so on... 20-80% (or 1-99%) doesn't increases it for some reason.

    *also a heads up, 400% is usually or is? the maximum rate for mesos obtain in the server, going any higher and you'll see little to no difference.
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    Oooooh okay tyvm



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