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    Terms of Service (TOS): Mass Defaming

    Dear players,

    The following text in red has been added to the Terms of Service under General Rules, Harassment section:
    Quote Originally Posted by Terms of Service
    2. Harrassment

    Harassment of any form shall not be welcomed within any service of Elluel Network. This includes; but not limited to, usage of racial/homophobic slurs, slander, libel, name-calling, deliberate hostility towards other players, flaming, trolling, profanity, defaming (or slander), & deliberately causing stress to other players. This includes massively reducing an in-game character's Fame, also known as mass defame, from five counts and above. Harassment is handled on a case-by-case basis by us. Attempting to ruin the experience for other players on any of our service will not be TOLERATED AT ALL.

    Punishments range from:
    • Jail, 30 minute(s) to 24 hour(s).
    • Strikes.
    • Temporary suspension of game account, 1 to 7 day(s).
    • Permanent suspension of game account.
    The above change will take effect as of Jan 11, 2018. The changes made will serve to provide better clarity and/or redefine what is considered Mass Defame under the TOS.

    Please be reminded that the Terms are not a form of user oppression, but a standard to create a fun, friendly, and fair environment to all users/players of any or all of our services.

    - Elluel Network Staff Team
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