IGN: Wicke
Job: Kanna
Job Level: P50

-Party members don't seem to receive the boss% buff.


-At max lv. 25, the skill should give 10% final damage per stage(Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3), i.e. up to 30% final damage when the skill is at Stage 3. Currently, you only receive 10% final damage throughout the entire duration of the skill, regardless of the current stage the skill is in.
-Currently does not grant 2 ATT speed at Stage 3 as advertised in the description.
-The skill goes from Stage 3 back down to Stage 1 upon continued Mana usage from the Kanna. This is not supposed to happen; once Stage 3 is attained it should remain as such for the remaining duration of the skill.
-Party members don't seem to receive the final damage + other effects of the skill.