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    Battle Mage Condemnation/Grim Contact Bug

    IGN: bhtran2
    Job: Battle Mage
    Job Level: 215

    Bug Description: Condemnation/Grim Contact does not activate after killing 6 mobs and the grim reaper pet that follows you around disappears. You have to untoggle and then toggle the spell again for the grim reaper to appear but even then after killing 6 mobs, it just disappears.

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    Same issue here.

    IGN: Punkek
    Job: Battle Mage
    Job Level: 220

    Bug description:
    You have to reactivate condemnation after you kill 1 enemy because it will automatically disappeared.

    Video here:

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    IGN: Norbertsu
    Job: Battle Mage
    Job Level: 160

    Bug description: Grim Reaper / Condemnation disappearing after having killed or hit an ennemy.



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