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    Profession suggestions

    Redo professions so that meister gear can actually be a thing
    - There's currently a 2 minute wait or something along those lines for EACH node to respawn. This could be halved or even reduced or 30 seconds as it doesn't affect the economy or anything like that negatively.

    - Remove the 3 energy drinks per day thing because we've already paid our money for it, why do we have to wait for it? Anyone who actually has the money to afford them and chug them down is way too powerful for meister gear anyways. With this limitation, it'll take at least a week to farm up something that rivals Madman Ranmaru gear.

    - If you don't want to remove the 3 energy drinks per day limitation, change it so that it does what it says in the description and give it a 30 minutes cool down, however I do suggest changing that up to be 10 minutes instead.

    - Allow us to learn more than 3 professions. Doesn't affect anything in any way and I don't see how this would make the server less challenging. I can just make another character, get it to 30 and send it to Ardentmill for the other profession anyways. This is just a QoL change.

    - Extraction shouldn't take fatigue, I'm pretty sure it works like this in GMS as well because there's no notice of it taking fatigue in the extraction menu

    - Increase the drop rate of Magic powders as they're basically non existent.
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    Will implement certain points in suggestion



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