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    Terms of Service (TOS)


    The agreement written within this thread are listed according to their priority and their relevance in terms of application to you. Should any conflict arise between any staff member’s action that is not according to the Terms of Service, please report it immediately. The terms written in this thread applies automatically to all users upon the creation of any accounts associated with Elluel Network, and you will verify agreement to all the terms of the creation of an account. We reserve the right to block you from any and all services for any reason, including, but not limited to, breach of any term written. These terms are not a form of user oppression, but a standard to create a fun, friendly, and fair environment to all users of any or all of our services. Terms of Service will change from time to time. It is your duty as a player to review the TOS whenever necessary.


    The TOS and "The Game" available through the service may include inaccuracies or typological errors, hence, changes are periodically added to the TOS herein. Elluel Network Staff reserves the rights to make improvements to the TOS and "The Game" in the service at any time. Once any changes have been made, an announcement will be given within the announcement forums accordingly. Information relied upon hearsay shall not be entertained.

    Punishments handed out on the DISCORD server may or may not be reflected upon your in-game account, please take note.

    From here onwards, these terms will and shall be used within the Terms of Service (TOS). Game Masters shall be referred as "GM", Facebook shall be referred as "FB", and Staff Members shall be referred as "we, our, or the staff". These rules apply automatically on all of our service, which includes "The Game", "Discord Server" and the "Forum".

    We reserve the rights to deny you access to the server and issue punishments accordingly.

    The new strike system will now act as a warning system to all players who breaks rules which are not serious to the stage where it is justifiable by a ban. When a player receives a warning from the GM, he/she will receive a strike. Once a player reaches the 4th strike, they will be banned for 3 days, 7 days on the 5th strike, 30 days on the 6th strike and permanent ban on the 7th strike. But, in the case of a player not receiving a strike for a certain amount of time, the previous strikes which he/she received will expire (does not apply to those who already received their 7th strike.). Here are some example of offenses which will now be classified as getting strikes instead of ban:
    • Harassment
    • Fake Bidding

    1. Respect

    Discriminating against any other members based on race, religion, sexual orientation or age is a no go. Respect is a large topic and is handled on a case-by-case basis. Being uncertain that your message may come across as abusive/rule breaking, we advise against posting such message on ANY platform at all. While we exercise freedom of speech, excessive usage of profanity is still liable to punishment. Please note that no warnings shall be given out for serious matters such as gender discrimination, racial slurs, offensive jokes, abusive messages, and/or deemed fit by us. Strikes will be given out instead of verbal warnings, we will not hesitate to take action upon any individuals that disrespect. Any attempt at doing so will only result in an immediate punishment.

    Punishments range from:
    • Jail, 30 minute(s) to 24 hour(s).
    • Strikes
    • Temporary suspension of game account 1 to 30 day(s).
    • Permanent suspension of game account.

    2. Harrassment

    Harassment of any form shall not be welcomed within any service of Elluel Network. This includes; but not limited to, usage of racial/homophobic slurs, slander, libel, name-calling, deliberate hostility towards other players, flaming, trolling, profanity, defaming (or slander), & deliberately causing stress to other players. This includes massively reducing an in-game character's Fame, also known as mass defame, from five counts and above. Harassment is handled on a case-by-case basis by us. Attempting to ruin the experience for other players on any of our service will not be TOLERATED AT ALL.

    Punishments range from:
    • Jail, 30 minute(s) to 24 hour(s).
    • Strikes.
    • Temporary suspension of game account, 1 to 7 day(s).
    • Permanent suspension of game account.

    3. Advertisement

    Advertising another network, server, phishing, scamming websites, and/or social media platforms, is strictly forbidden. Any attempts at doing so will only result in an immediate and permanent ban from ALL of our services. The only advertisement that is allowed, is your own Twitch channel (only if streaming any of our servers).

    4. Impersonation

    Impersonation of any sort is strictly forbidden, this includes staff impersonation and player impersonation. You shall only appear as you, and no one else. Regardless of which service (Forum, FB, Discord, or "The Game"), any attempt at impersonation will result in the user being severely dealt with. To clarify, informing players of rules and other useful information is allowed, but lying about being part of the staff is NOT. Claiming you have the authority to punish another user on any service falls under this. Please use the relevant channel i.e, the forum to report of any wrongdoings.

    Punishments range from:
    • Jail, 60 minute(s) to 24 hour(s).
    • Strikes.
    • Temporary suspension of game account, 7 to 30 day(s).
    • Permanent suspension of game account.

    5. Profiting

    Otherwise known as "Real Money Transactions", is strictly forbidden. Advertising the intent to commit the act of buying or selling in-game related items or service for cash (Read World Cash/Money/Currency) is NOT ALLOWED. Trading/attempted trading is at the risk of both parties who are committing such activities. Signature and avatar shops are okay, but straight pictures are not. You may not use copyrighted materials on any of our services. You are not allowed to have transactions of any sort for the following: FM spots, maps, forum names, or forum points. Requesting people to subscribe to your accounts that you stand to profit from on other websites or advertising referral links to other sites that you can profit from is also prohibited.

    Punishments range from:
    • Permanent suspension of game account.

    6. Purchase of Aries Points

    Purchasing of Aries Points from the network and the servers under it are/should be done so willingly with your own account. After completion of the purchase, you have no right whatsoever to refund/chargeback for whatever reason. If indeed a chargeback occurs, your account will be permanently banned from all service. If you fail to receive the Aries Points that should be awarded immediately, please visit this link to create a missing Aries Point report. All items that are purchased from the Aries Point NPC are as a form of "Thank You" for the constant support of the network. All purchases are FINAL and nonrefundable.

    7. Vote Abuse

    Each ACCOUNT may only receive 3 Vote Points every 24 hour(s). All votes are recorded by your IP address. If you are sharing the internet with other users of the network, we apologize, but due to this restriction, you must share the votes. Any person caught gaining more than 3 Vote Point(s) per 24 hour(s), aside from paying another user for the Vote Point(s), shall be considered vote abusing and we will CATCH you and actions shall be taken. When voting, please ensure that you complete the captcha on GTOP’s site and click submit, please also log out of the game if you wish to vote on the website. For in-game voting, please DO NOT move, change channel, or relog during the process, else your Vote Point(s) will not be credited.

    Punishments range from:
    • Temporary suspension of game account, 7 to 30 day(s).
    • Permanent suspension of game account.

    8. Ban Evasion

    Evading a ban/punishment is not allowed, if you have been banned, either temporarily/permanently, you are expected to abide by that and not access, or attempt to access the service that you have been banned from. Any players caught attempting to get around their ban from any of our service, be it Forum, Discord, "The Game" or any of the network's service will be punished accordingly. This includes altering IP and/or HWID, creating new accounts, having a friend to login your account, and/or using different computers to access the service.

    Punishments range from:
    • Temporary suspension of game account for 30 day(s) on the account that you accessed.
    • Permanent suspension of game account.

    1. Report function abuser

    As a player of the network, it is your responsibility to report any wrongdoings of any other users, Game Masters included. Should there be a need to contact any support for in-game support please contact us via @gm, any online staff will attend to you, please note that you do not report bugs via @gm. We expect you to make a full report and not just notifying us that so and so is not working as intended, and NOT VIA MEGAPHONE/Discord/Private Messages on forum. However, please do not submit false reports. We understand that mistakes do happen, but we expect all users understand that there is an intent of rule breaking before report them. Evidence are required to make reports, such as screenshots/videos to help us understand and resolve the issue. False reports will result in punishments, and repeated offenses will increase the severity of the punishment, punishment applies for both reporters and the one being reported.

    Punishments range from:
    • Jail, 30 minute(s) to 24 hour(s).
    • Strikes.
    • Temporary suspension of game account, 1 to 30 day(s).
    • Permanent suspension of game account.

    2. Hacking

    Any usage of third-party software that automate certain function of the game is strictly forbidden. The only punishment for this action is a permanent ban from our service entirely. Being in a party with a hacker also constitutes as hacking.

    3. Botting

    Usage of third-party software/hardware/objects that automates attacks/chats/movements is considered botting. It is also considered botting if you continue to play and do not pay attention to the game; for instance, holding down your attack key while facing away from your game screen, using a heavy object on your attack key is also botting. It is also considered as "botting" if you have your passives that ATTACKS monsters when you're away from the keyboard (AFK). Usage of auto-typer, using a skill and being away from the keyboard in a group of mobs is also considered botting. Moving once every so often does not equal to "actively playing".

    Punishments range from:

    • Temporary suspension of game account, 3 day(s) for first-time offenders
    • Temporary suspension of game account, 7 day(s) for second-time offenders
    • Permanent suspension of game account, for third-time offenders.

    4. Exploiting/Duplicated Items

    Glitching is considered as a form of cheating in which a character exploit the flaws/bugs in the game to achieve something that is not intended by the game developer. This is akin to hacking and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If you happen to discover a glitch, REPORT it and not TRY it. There is no reason for you to "try it out". Duplication occurs when something goes wrong with the server, we expect you to sell the items to an NPC, remove duped NX/MESO/VP/DP/ITEM/RP etc and finally report it to a Game Master, not sell the item to other PLAYERS.

    If you are caught abusing or selling duplicated items, the punishment is permanent suspension of game account.

    5. Scamming

    Please avoid scamming, we wish for everyone to have a pleasant environment for all users, please ensure that all trades of large value, or items with rare value to be recorded on video/have the relevant screenshots to back you up. Without such proof, actions can not be taken, we will be able to take actions on scammer if evidence is provided. Disclaimer, please take not that we will NOT refund any lost items, so please tread carefully.

    Punishments ranges from:
    • Temporary suspension of game account, 7 to 30 day(s).
    • Permanent suspension of game account.

    5.1. False Bidding

    False Bidding is the process of the SELLER attempting to raise his or her bid by making up a bid by a random user, a friend, or an imaginary user. This will be classified under scamming. If caught, bans range will vary depending on how high the false bid was. The above mentioned also applies to buyers, where players who place false bids will be dealt with and bans may vary depending on how high the bid was.

    Punishments range from:
    • Temporary suspension of game account, 7 to 30 day(s).

    5.2. Fraud

    Fraud refers to transactions involving the act and/or attempt of deceiving other players that is intended to result in financial or personal gain. This includes BOTH sellers and buyers, with clear knowledge of the price of an item, and provides and/or convinces the opposite party with a false amount for financial gain and the intention to reduce cost respectively. This rule only applies for completed transactions; with sellers providing a higher amount vastly exceeding the current average price range, and/or buyers providing a lower amount vastly exceeding the current average price range.

    The average price range may differ depending on the server economy of the current period. Players are advised to orientate themselves with the prices to avoid being deceived.

    Punishments range from:
    • Written warning, for first-time offender(s).
    • Temporary suspension of game account, 3 day(s) for second-time offenders.
    • Temporary suspension of game account, 7 day(s) for third-time offenders.
    • Permanent suspension of game account, for fourth-time offenders.

    6. WZ Edits

    Only approved .wz edits are allowed for the network, any other edits that are not approved will result in punishments to be dished out. Any other form of .wz file alteration is forbidden, this includes cosmetic edits. Be cautious, if detected of an edited .wz file, you will be punished automatically upon logging into the game. This includes any other server files that you downloaded from any other server that uses edited .wz files. The only punishment for this is permanently blocked from the game. The only approved wz edits can be found HERE for AriesMS.

    7. Lost/Wrongfully Purchase of Item (Compensation)

    Items lost during a trade due to a full inventory or trying to hold two (2) one-of-a-kind items will not be refunded. This also applies to the rare events of rollbacks as well as purchasing wrong items from any shops within the server. We will not give compensations, do not ask for it.

    8. Account Sharing

    While sharing account is NOT forbidden, you are responsible for your own account, for any activity within the account. If the person you share the account with gets banned from our service, there will not be any form of reversal allowed. If you want to share account information, please do so wisely, any items were taken out from the account, deleted characters, lost items, and another other loss will not be entertained if the account is shared; this includes retrieving your loss item from another account.

    9. Multiple Accounts

    While having multiple accounts in individual game servers is not prohibited, we would suggest players stick to a maximum of 2 accounts. Do note that creating a new account in an attempt to bypass a ban if not allowed and it will be classified under the section "Ban Evasion". Players are not allowed to run two clients on the same Hardware ID, anyone caught trying to run two of the same clients on the same device will be permanently banned from our services entirely.

    10. Spamming

    Such action is strictly forbidden. There is no reason for you to spam on any platform which includes Forum, FaceBook, “The Game” & Discord in order to grab attention.

    Punishments range from:
    • Jail, 30 minute(s) to 24 hour(s).
    • Strikes.
    • Temporary suspension of game account, 1 to 30 day(s).
    • Permanent suspension of game account.

    11. Kill Stealing

    This is strictly forbidden. Kill stealing involves but is not limited to, entering a map where another player is currently residing and actively killing mobs. If you are to engage in killing mobs in said map, been asked to leave or change channels and decide not to. You are effectively kill stealing. Each report will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the staff member who engages in contact. There is here forth no more lenience on kill stealing.

    Punishments range from:
    • Jail, 30 minute(s) to 24 hour(s).
    • Strikes.
    • Temporary suspension of game account, 1 to 30 day(s).
    • Permanent suspension of game account.

    12. Map Ownership

    Should there be a need for you to be away for a short period of time, please purchase a chalkboard from Cash Shop to indicate the time(server time) that you start to “Away From Keyboard”, please note that there is a limit of 10 minute(s) that is allocated for you to be away for. Anything more than that, you will automatically lose the map. Failure to display the chalkboard will result in automatically losing the map as well. If anyone wants to report a player for returning the map AFTER the 10 minute(s) mark, please use @check and grab all the necessary screenshots of the time provided by the command as this is considered "Kill Stealing". Final note, if you disconnect, died, went to Cash Shop, revived in town and not on the map, you'll automatically lose the map. If you revived in the map, the map will still be yours.

    If caught violating this rule, punishments range from:
    • Jail, 30 minute(s) to 24 hour(s).
    • Strikes.
    • Temporary suspension of game account, 1 to 30 day(s).
    • Permanent suspension of game account.

    The terms written in this section are automatically applied to all users upon creation of your Elluel Network Forum account. These rules do NOT apply outside of the forum service.

    1. Bumping/Necroposting

    We do not like necroposting. Please do not post in a thread where the last post is over 14 days old. This rule also involves +1 posting in suggestions. If you have nothing further to add to a suggestion other than agreeing, do not post. If you agree with someone, use the thanks button. You may bump in the following sections: Free Market, Off-topic, and their child forums

    2. Custom Usertitles

    Please do not attempt to impersonate authority by using a user title that suggests being a staff member or anyone of authority. Examples are, but not limited to: 'Administrator', 'GameMaster', 'Moderator', 'Manager', etc. Staff shall and WILL remove any inappropriate titles.

    3. Signature and Avatars

    Staff members may edit your signature, and infract you if deemed unacceptable. Nude or sexually suggestive images are obviously not allowed, drawn or otherwise.Staff shall and WILL remove any inappropriate titles.

    4. Language

    This is an English forum; you must either post in English or have an accurate translation. If a post contains another language than English, it may be deleted/ignored.

    5. Posts

    • Posting of programs/materials that gives an unfair advantage (hacks, bots, and trainers) are strictly not allowed.
    • Please stay on topic, check and check again which section you are posting.
    • When a thread is locked, do not continue the topic with the same topic. Doing so will only result in your forum account being restricted.
    • Stay on topic, any post that is irrelevant to the topic will result in the post being deleted or thread being locked.
    • Topic should be G-Rated as people underage are playing.

    6. Art Workshop

    It has come to our attention that some artists are not producing the art work that they were hired to do. Any artist that are found to be scamming users will eventually have their forum account suspended and their game accounts to be temporarily suspended. Please refer to Game Rule #5 - Scamming.

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