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    Damage Guide

    This guide will help you unleash your character's full damage potential.

    There is a common problem where people have low damage output due to improper character managment, the reasons for this are as follows:

    1. Fake range debate
    2. Lack of knowledge on stat goals
    3. Improper fund distribution

    Fake range debate

    We will start with proper understanding of the term "damage range".
    There are 2 types of damage ranges; Mobbing range and Bossing range.
    Mobbing range is called "fake range" and Bossing range is called "actual range".
    The damage range that appears in your stat window is the fake range, which shows your mobbing output whereas the actual range is calculated by the following formula:
    Actual range = Fake range/{(100+damage bonus)/100}.
    damage bonus is shown in your stat window as "damage" and is the sum of all your %dmg buffs and potentials.
    Now you might ask where does the damage bonus affects bossing abilities, the answer is simple,
    when attacking bosses, your damage bonus is added to your boss damage bonus meaning that
    damage% is equal to Boss Damage% when attacking bosses.

    For example:
    I have 10m shown range, 100% damage and 200% boss damage.
    my mobbing range is 10m
    my bossing range is 5m and boss damage bonus becomes 300%.

    In conclusion, visual range add from items doesnt reflect your bossing dpm boost, it may also happen that an item that visually adds you 1m range can lower your bossing dpm by quite alot, that is if you chose a %Damage potential over %ATT potential.

    Final conclusion: Aim for %ATT lines and %Boss Damage lines for bossing and %Damage+%ATT lines for mobbing.

    It is important to note that you need to have a good balance between %ATT line and %Boss Damage lines (%IED lines are optional but not neccessary since most classes can reach optimal IED with no IED potential lines)

    The optimal amount of total %ATT is 100%-150%
    The optimal amount of Boss damage is 300%-400%
    These figures are a result of a math claculation which i can explain on request.

    Understanding stats

    Now we move to the next section, which is understanding stat goals.
    These are the figures that affect your damage output:

    1. totall attack: total attack*(100+total%ATT)/100 + final att bonus*
    2. Damage bonus
    3. Boss Damage
    4. Total stats: (base stats + stat bonus)(100+total%STAT)/100
    5. Ignore enemy def
    6. Critical rate
    7. Critical damage
    8. 5th job
    9. Level difference
    10. Arc force (in arcane river)
    11. Star force (star force maps)
    12. Attack speed
    13. Final damage

    1. ATT or Magic ATT:

    Weapon attack or Magic attack is a top priority stat which need to be as high as possible.
    Sources for ATT boost:

    - Class skill ATT bonus.
    - Link skills: Hayato, jett.
    - Inner ability.
    - Weapon soul.
    - Potions and buffs.
    - Union tetris.
    - Equipment att bonus
    - Equipment %ATT potential: weapon, secondary and emblem.
    - Equipment set bonus
    - Crowns.
    - Totems.
    - Title.

    2. Damage Bonus:

    Damage boost helps alot when mobbing and counts as additional Boss damage when bossing.
    Sources for Damage boost:

    - Class skill Damage bonus.
    - Link skill: Kanna and Demon Avenger.
    - Hyper stat.
    - Flame: up to 15%.
    - Potential and bonus potential lines from weapon, secondary and emblem.
    - Inner ability.

    3. Boss Damage:

    Boss damage is crucial when facing boss monsters.
    Sources for Boss damage:

    - Class Boss damage bonus.
    - Link skill: demon slayer and BT. 20% and 10%
    - Inner ability: up to 20%
    - Hyper stat: 35%
    - Weapon built in BD.
    - Flame can add around 10%
    - Equipment set bonuses ( Fafnir, Gollux, Absolab, Arcane, Jap, etc).
    - Potential and bonus potential lines from weapon and secondary.
    - Union kanna and Demon Avenger: 5% at lv 200
    - Union tetris: up to 40%.

    4. Stats:

    Total stats is one of the main components of your damage range and your damage output.
    Sources for stat boost:

    - Class skill stat bonus.
    - Link slills: Xenon, Hayato, Cannoneer, Jett.
    - Union of different classes for different stats.
    - Union tetris stat.
    - Hyper stat (not that hyper stat is not affected by %stat and is a final addition).
    - Item stats: very important to have as many as possible (scrolls and starforce).
    - Item potential and bonus potential.
    - Nebulite.
    - Arcane stat (not affected by %stat and is a final addition).
    - inner ability (not affected by %stat and is a final addition).
    - Equipment set bonus (Fafnir, Gollux, Absolab, Arcane, Jap, etc).
    - Totems.
    - Title.

    5. Ignore Enemy Def:

    Ignore enemy def is very important mostly for bossing and can drastically affect your damage output.
    The optimal amount of total IED is 92-99.
    Sources for IED:

    - Class built in ingore def.
    - Ambition inner trait: up to 10%.
    - Leafre card set: 30%.
    - Hyper stat: 30%.
    - Lumi link skill: 20% at lv 3.
    - Zero link skill: 10% at lv 5.
    - Union BT and Blaster: 5% at lv 200.
    - Union tetris stats. up to 40%
    - ignore defence nebulites for weapon and secondary.
    - ignore enemy defence potential lines from weapon, secondary and emblem.
    - Flame can add ingore def of about 10%.
    - Weapon ignore def
    - Equipment ignore def + set bonus (gollux set)

    If all those didnt get you to 92%+ then you can get 1 IED line from item potenital.

    6. Critical Rate:

    Next up is Critical rate, it is very important to have 95-100% critical rate, it affects your DPM by alot.
    Sources for critical rate:

    - Class built in crit rate.
    - Inner ability: up to 30%.
    - Phantom link skill: up to 20%.
    - BT link skill: up to 10%.
    - Union Marksman and NL 5% at lv 200.
    - Union tetris stats: up to 40%.
    - Hyper stat: up to 15%
    - Sharp Eyes buff.
    - Crit rate potential from weapon, secondary and emblem. (not advised)

    7. Critical Damage:

    After maxing critical rate you need to get as much critical damage bonus as you can.
    To calculate your total critical damage multiplication:
    Min - (120+crit damage)/100
    Max - (150+crit damage)/100
    Sources for Critical Damage:

    - Class built in Crit damage.
    - Sharp eyes buff.
    - Glove legendary potential: 8% per line.
    - Union tetris: up to 20%
    - Union Shade, Jett and Hayato: 5% each at level 200.
    - link skill: Kinesis - 4% lv 2.

    8. 5th job:

    5th job has 4 types of damage boosts:

    - 5th job skills:
    Each class has 2 unique skills and each class branch has 1-2 additional unique skills, utilizing those skills can improve your damage output.

    - 1-4th job skill boost:
    5th job and V matrix can boost the FINAL damage of your skills by 2-4.5 times.
    4th job skills are mostly boosted up to 2X whereas 3rd job and 2nd job can be boosted by 2.5,3 or 3.5.
    To find out more, check out V matrix guide.

    - Decent skills:
    Decent Sharp Eyes boosts your critical rate and critical damage.
    Decent Combat orders gives most of your skills an additional level (even above max level).
    Decent Speed Infusion gives you attack speed.

    - Special nodes:
    Currently not working but can be useful if they do.

    9. Level Difference:

    Level difference from you and the monster you attack affects the damage you deal regardless of your damage range.

    Attacking monsters when you are above their level will grant you a damage bonus wheres attacking monsters when your level is lower will reduce your damage

    10. Arc Force:

    Same mechanism works with Arcane Force in Arcane River.

    Having 150% or more of the requred arc force will result in 1.5X damage whereas having less arc force than requred will reduce your damage proportionally.

    11. Star Force Maps:

    Star Force maps work the same except for the damage bonus if you have more star force than needed.

    12. Attack Speed

    Attack speed affects your DPM directly, the faster you attack the more DPM you have.
    There are few sources for Attack speed increase:
    - class buffs and abilities
    - Speed Infusion/Decent Speed infusion
    - Inner ability
    - Green MPE (Monster Park Extreme) potion.

    13. Final Damage:

    And finally the last and rather important boost is Final Damage.
    At the moment it is only available from certain skills within certain jobs or job branches.
    It multiplies your whole damage by the final damage multiplier.

    Proper Fund Distribution
    The last thing that prevents people from reaching their character's full potential is imporper fund distribution.

    There are gearing up guides that can tell you what items to get at what level of funding, but one thing you need to keep in mind: proper balance between weapon attack/stat and %ATT/Boss damage%

    To explain the weapon attack/stat debate i will first write the current damage formula:

    Actual range (Max) = (Weapon Multiplier X Total Stat X Total ATT/100) X (100 + Final Damage)/100
    Total Stat = Total Primary Stat X 4 + Secondary Stat.
    Total ATT = ATT(100+%ATT)/100.

    As you can see both Stats and ATT are multiplicative with each other, meaning you need to have an optimal amount of both in every step of your gaming advancement.

    Example 1:

    Having 24k stat, 4k secondary stat and 1000 total ATT will give you the number 1,000,000.
    Calculation: Number = (24000 X 4 + 4000) X 1000/100 = 1,000,000.
    That number, multplied by weapon multiplier and final damge bonus is your actual range.
    multiplied by %damage bonus is your mobbing (fake range).
    Now if instead of spending money on the stats you would have invested more in ATT the result would be as follows:

    Example 2:

    Having 20k stat instead of 25k and 1300 total ATT instead of 1000 will grant you the number 1,092,000.
    Calculation: Number2 = (20000 X 4 + 4000) X 1300/100 = 1,092,000

    A 9.2% range increase due to more efficent funding.

    In conclusion, when you decide what to upgrade, stat or ATT, use this calculation.

    Feel free to comment if you have any questions.
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    Hey, I just moved from GMS to Ariesms, so this question might sound dumb, but I'm a level 180 DS, is is right to have only like 30k range at that level in aries?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AsianPro View Post
    Hey, I just moved from GMS to Ariesms, so this question might sound dumb, but I'm a level 180 DS, is is right to have only like 30k range at that level in aries?
    Range calculation works the same in Aries.

    You can use the lv 100 pinnacle gear that you get as a gift at lv 90, or buy japanese armor in the free market to get started.
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