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    Bishop Bahamut Skill

    IGN: Frosti
    Job: Bishop
    Job Level: Lvl 238
    Description of Bug (Explain the bug, How is it done, what should it really be doing? etc. An unclear description will not get the bug fixed): Bahamut's skill reads at rank 30:
    MP Cost: 120, Bahamut Summon Duration: 260 sec, Damage: 500%, Max Enemy Hit: 3 at once

    Enemies attacked will be marked with Bahamut's insignia for 60 seconds, and when they are attacked with a Holy attack, the insignia will disappear and final damage will increase by 25%.

    This final damage, however, is not applied at all.

    Screenshot (If Applicable):

    You can safely assume that, judging from the two battle analyses, my angel rays are doing the same range of damage for the amount of hits made in the 20 seconds. However, according to Bahamut's skill description, we should be doing 25% more final damage on top of that.

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    IGN: Lantia
    Job: Bishop
    Job level: Lvl 234
    My bahamut's skill is also bugged like him. When the dragon hit a target, it will leave a mark. Attack that target with holy attack, it will break that mark and increase 25% final dmg, but no damage has been increased. So i think it was bugged.
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    Bump~~Pls help us bishops

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    IGN: Evaa
    Job: Bishop
    Job Level: Lvl 250 (Paragon Lv 1)
    My bahamut's skill is also bugged like them.



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