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    -1. I believe Fairy has no other option but to do this because of the lack of endgame content in Aries. There are several threads in the suggestion section that would give something for endgame players to do (such as AbsoLab Shoulder) as players are able to reach a high stat nowadays due to the broken potential system. Marginally speaking, dp slotting every item after the first 2 slots are a waste in my opinion unless of course (with the exception of a few essential items), you are one of the very few people who likes to do so.

    Suppose Fairy gets approved (very likely if Aries is openly looking for a staff), she serves a channel for endgame players to suggest adjustments or implementations that will make Aries more enjoyable. The problem lies with Aries' coding side, you have numerous bug reports and suggestions but it is largely ignored and unfixed, there is a reluctance in recruiting more coders as clearly Nova cannot handle such an enormous and difficult task (good job keeping hold thus far I have to say).

    I need not to comment on Fairy's qualities as her charisma knows no bound, spreading to the darkest corners of Aries (#mushclub) and to the public domain whether in-game or in discord. She likes to help and she loves to learn, which will make her even more knowledgeable over time, a worthy investment. It is indeed unfortunate that she is likely to be destroyed by the bombardments of queries and duties that a GM has to handle as I think she can use her time much better elsewhere. Please deny her.


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    +1 Cuz fairy #1

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    I don't really see her helping people out. Not trying to hate on you but this is just what I see. goodluck either way

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    Netural. I don't know you, but I don't know if you can handle the spot of Gm position. Although, I do see you around in discord helping out, and being active. Anyways good luck.
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    +1. She is knowledgeable about this game, and i always see her helping out people who are new in the discord chat. She is approachable and also helped me with my enquiries on bowmaster.

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    Definitely a +1.
    Kat and Luna are the first two people I met on Aries. And I can tell you that they both helped me during my short stay in Aries. From answering questions to leading me to maps/npc etc. Kat also helped me getting unbanned when I was away, which was an unfair ban. I honestly wasn't expecting her help at all so it really surprised me. And I believe i'm not the only one she helped so far, seeing other peoples posts.

    I hope she gets the status, cause the GM's u guys have now are hella corrupted and much more. If Kat doesn't get it, no one else will probably. l m a o

    Goodluck Kat, I root for you. Although I think it's a waste of time!!!

    edit: I just read that u mentioned me wow thanks. ❤
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    -1. Honestly, you sound like you're not taking this position seriously. Click HERE

    You're not loyal to AriesMS, conflicting what you stated in your GM Application. I've seen you in other Maplestory private server discords at the time you posted this application. If you truly want to work for the community, why would you want your GM Application to look good by asking others to support it? Would you be able to handle backlashes to come in the future?

    You're not nice, I've seen you complain about the announcements and how a few things aren't fixed when Nova is already aware of them and is working at his best to fix them. While it's human nature to complain so that we can progress as a server through constructive criticisms. If you aren't able to appreciate the effort the group of people (namely the staff team) makes to improve the environment YOU play in by mocking the bugs (indirectly Nova) that may come along with new updates, why will you want to be a part of them? Also, you sound like you're going to ban the wrong people. In the past, you accused me of cheating in Tower of Oz by using Kishin Shoukan, which is NOT cheating.

    Not to mention, you knew several bugs and threatened other players to not report them after finding out. Are you sure you can improve the current state of AriesMS when you blatantly exploited bugs to give yourself an edge over other players? We don't want a GM spreading rumors like this in AriesMS and exploiting bugs, it will discourage people to play the game.

    AriesMS can wait for a better applicant.
    Capricorn - Quit
    3/16/2016 - 11/29/2016

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    I actually thought about it a lot, and I still don't think you deserve to be a gm but since Aries needs it, I think you'll be a great addition to the staff.

    I really think you're an amazing person, and you can see it from what everyone is saying,you played Aries for very long and have a lot of experience in the end game content we have in Aries.
    You never been a gm before which I don't think is that bad, cause i'm sure you'll catch on fast.
    But I think Aries needs someone experienced more than anything , someone that can help with the bugs and add more creative content that only Aries will have,the bugs forum is seriously a mess,a lot of bugs are being ignored.
    I posted and reported so many bugs over the time I spent on Aries , while a lot were being fixed , a lot were also ignored or left with no answer , or just moved to resolved without being changed at all.
    I can't blame Nova at all for any of those, Nova is really doing an amazing job with fixing all of those alone, but I seriously think he needs some help , and that should start with someone fixing the bugs forum, make it look better, writing all the bugs down in a list and just making it easier for Nova instead of letting him waste time looking post by post.
    -Commuinity:I really don't see you that active at all when it comes to helping people , I've seen you only helping since you made this post which is kinda bad , you shouldn't start helping suddenly just because you want to become a gm, you help when you actually want to do it, it feels kinda forced(Don't take this wrong , I know you like to help, but it doesn't seem you treat everyone the same when it comes to helping).
    Also some people told me you were not super nice sometimes and ignored some of them , I never experienced it myself but I never really talked to you much.

    Your reasons for trying to apply for a gm also looking bad,it feels like you mostly ran out of things to do in Aries or just got bored of it.
    It feels your reason are really selfish and you want to do it only for your own experience and not with the care for the server, which isn't completely wrong,but you still need to have the will to actually do it for the right reasons.
    It also seems you got pretty pissed off from how people suddenly get stronger than you in Heka,if it's 5th job or people abusing bugs to get higher ranks,maybe it also has to do with Bowmaster fixes/nerfs.
    Also lately i've seen you using mules such as Beast Tamer in your Heka party to get higher rank, I never thought you'll do it, I've always seen you as honest player that won't take advantage of stuff like that, but I guess I was wrong.(I talked to a few people about the Beast Tamer mules in heka, and a lot think it's wrong since you are basically taking someone's heka spot with your mule that sits there and doesn't attack,just in case you think it's okay).

    So yea I think there were far better people that deserved to be gm over you and they didn't get accepted,but I also think Aries really needs an active gm and I think you can do great and fill in that gap.
    I hope you didn't take anything I said in a bad way, it was just my honest opinion ,I still think you're amazing and that you're a great person,I hope you stay that way also and not let those little things change you.

    Have an awesome day and best of luck with your application.

    Edit:also to everyone that commenting only good things, no one is perfect everyone has weaknesses that's why you get a few different type of people as game masters,so they can balance each other,I think only saying the good things about a person is disrespectful ,especially if you're her friend,if you're really her friend say everything you have about her even if it's bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Capricorn View Post
    Firstly, I'm not taking this application seriously just because I put #yolo in the tags? I had a lot of time to think about whether I wanted to try and apply or not, and in the end, I just decided to go ahead and try it out. "yolo - try it out and see what happens" I feel like you're nitpicking A LOT with that statement.

    Now to address other points. Firstly, am I not allowed to be in other MapleStory Discords to see what is going on? I don't see how looking around the MapleStory Private Server community labels me as not loyal. Also, I haven't asked a single person who posted here to actually post. EVERY single one of them decided to post on their own accord. It seems like you're just pulling facts out of nowhere to fit your story of our "past" (which I'm not going to get into since that's another topic for another day).

    Secondly, yes, I've complained about things in AriesMS. Just like any other player who has played this server, there are a lot of frustrating times. This frustrating feeling is also why I am applying in the first place. I hope I can help both the Staff Team and other players have a better experience. As for banning the wrong people, I have no clue where you got that from…? As for the Kishin and Tower of Oz, we clearly had a disagreement, and not only were the Staff involved in telling both of us to stop talking about it, you even messaged me on Discord recently telling me you were sorry for what you did, and I responded with the same thing, saying both of us made mistakes and that we should move on. You seem to be saying different things now, which makes me completely question how real or fake you are, although I already know the answer to it.

    Thirdly, as for the whole “bug” thing. The only thing I’ve ever been a part of in terms of bug abusing was Bowmaster’s Armor Break, which was something out of my control. I’ve NEVER threatened anyone to “not report” it, and I’d love to see proof otherwise. You keep slandering me without providing any evidence, but that’s alright. As for reporting it, Nova already knew about it, as Nova attempted to fix the bug once before he actually fixed it the 2nd time.

    Anyways, thank you for your comment Timmy. As I already stated, I don’t tell anyone what to say on my GM application, and of course this includes your post, so thank you for your criticism.

    Quote Originally Posted by Glacier View Post
    Hi Glaciers?! Thank you so much for your comment. My reasons for applying are definitely a bit more selfish, and there’s no reason to lie about it. As stated in my application, I do want to look and experience something “new” and refreshing, which is why I applied. But I do also want to help others as well, but you also stated that. For the whole "me only helping others recently", I’m pretty sure I’ve been helping on Discord or in-game way before I decided to apply, although I definitely have started helping more since applying, which in my opinion is completely natural.

    As for ignoring people, I don't think I've really ever intentionally ignored somebody if they've DM'd me on Discord with a question. However, I don't always notice every single tag on Discord, nor do I respond to questions that I don't know the answer (other than refer them to somebody who has more knowledge of said question, like if it was a class-specific question). If you could name an example of when this happened, maybe I'll be able to shed some light on it~

    Now as for the Hekaton things, I was definitely referring to certain “unintended mechanics” in the game, such as Hayato’s Shimada’s Heart, which I’m 100% certain every other Hekaton-goer is also quite frustrated with. As for the Bowmaster bug fixes, I really don’t care. I still get my Rank 2-5 a majority of the time, which has always been my ranking (neue and Rheo always beat me), so I don’t know why that is being brought up. Now as for the Beast Tamer topic, I can definitely see your point about it being unfair, and it’s actually been one of the things I’ve personally wanted to have changed in Hekaton. Although I haven’t shown anyone this except one person, these are some changes that a friend and I came up with that we would really want to “push” for once Nova is done with 5th job stuff.

    Hekaton Changes:

    Hopefully I didn’t miss anything important, but if I did, just reply! Also, I did not take any of this personally, as the whole point of posting is to get criticism, so thank you very much. I’ll take these into account for the future.
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    +1, being a beta player since the beginning, I've experience most of wat has happend in aries. lets start off with Gms we have right now, you dont see them actively playing the game unlike kat who is well experience with the game the fact she's well funded to end game, knowing the ins and out. all i see gms we have here do is only ban ppl and manage the forum/discord or chillin with certain ppl leading them to be bias towards some. and most of the time in game question ask on discords is answered by the community. I've seen gm lack knowledge to answer questions that they are require to be able to answer especially a long term gm. whats a game master when u know nothing about the game. All these negative comments just to have her gm application turn down, but u dont see gm being removed from their position for all the evidently shit the community say about them. Everyone gotta start somewhere ppl are given the postion intern for a reason. heres my 2 cent if gm are allow to get away with all the shit we talk about them, kat should be given the opportunity to tryout for the position as an intern like the position describe. im pretty sure thats where all gm started unless otherwise.
    Kat is a player not a dictator
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