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    Can i get help pricing?

    So I'm not really an amazing artist but I figure I can use this to constantly improve my art, and if i can, make people happy. I've recently just bought photoshop and I'd like to hone my skills in combination with another art program I have so that I might be able to get some in game currency and work on something I actually enjoy doing. Essentially what I'd like to do is icons for people in a chibi style for starters and maybe a few other experimental styles. Ideally I'd like 50-100m in game for the pictures and I'm a very reasonable individual and if I don't think I'd be able to do it within a time frame you want I will tell you and arrange another time to do it or if you're okay with a temporary wait I will get it done as soon as I possibly can and refund if I'm unable to due to life being life. I work on average 12 hours a day so my time is a bit limited but I really would like to do this for people and better my skills.

    I want to improve my art and make people happy I'm reasonable and what better people to work with than our Maple Community!

    Main character: UndeadCombo
    Name: Undead Workshop CH6 RM1 (May be subject to change)
    Style: Chibi Icon (Head and bust)
    Price: Currently varied depending on style and suggested price from other forum goers Ideally ranging 50-100M at first. Additional features can be negotiated
    Refund policy: Once I give you the drawing of course the payment is final, HOWEVER If I am unable to make your drawing and you paid already I WILL contact you in some way shape or form to return your money in full even if taxes are removed if you paid 50m I will return 50m you will take no loss.
    Payment method: If I'm online we can trade and that would suffice and I also have a shop open location and name listed above.

    So I guess at this point with examples will be here. If you guys, both as a possible customers and my fellow maplers, wouldn't mind letting me know if what I've listed above seems fair or not or include any suggestions you may have. I'm always down for constructive criticism.

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