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    Anti botting measurement

    This is my first post so go easy on me

    You know that lie detector thing we had in elliniams ?
    every 15 minutes a thing will pop up and ask you to type some things in it?
    yea i want that back again

    I've done alot of researching in these forums and looked at the counter arguement in this lie detector thing
    in my opinion its more beneficial to have a loss in experience or time farming in terms of having people abuse this lie detector thing than letting this bot problem continue like vines everyday there are more players coming into the game than out, more legitimate players aka (not bots) who farm hours on end just to achieve something we want faster,

    It really devalues how much hours i put into the game or hours others put into this game

    I've read seize's forum post about this problem i quite like the csgo overwatch system where someone reviews the footage being presented to them and the more people that say he/she is botting or hacking the person will be temporarily banned until a gm reviews if the ban is justified
    (Might take alot of man hours to implement but i feel its worth it as the game grows out of control player base wise)

    Let me know what im missing in the post i'll reply to you later on

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    AFAIK the system has already been implemented some updates ago.



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