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    Double Character after Pink Bean character

    In Game Name : AmyXAngei (capital i)
    Job: Wind Archer
    Job Level: 32 (I think, just recreated the character)
    Screenshot of Bug(If applicable) : (old) (new)
    Description : Ever since I created a pink bean character (was named PinkieKeen [if i remember correctly] and was a while back) and then made another character. Now I just see 2 of the same characters, both start the game the same way, never saw the pink bean character again, and deleting the character makes the last character doubled. I'm not sure if anyone had this problem, but I would like to get this double character bug off. This does take up a character slot. If I change the character's position in character selection, the second doubled character stays at the same spot and gets in the game the same way.
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