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    Lightbulb Much Less FPS Drop!

    Hello, i would like to see if it would be worth while to implement No mob death animation.
    I've seen many posts about it, but they all require the need of changing a wiz file or actually using a script to
    cancel the death animations. It has helped many people in mobbing and not experiencing FPS loss when mobbing.
    Obviously i would never try these methods, as i do not want to breach the ToS. This is why i come to the forums
    to ask if it would be possible to add this as a enable/disable type of command or added into the "Universal NPC"
    in the "Quick Move" just ass enabling/disabling Smegas&Scrolling Message.

    Thanks for hearing me out!

    P.S. I really enjoy the server! Keep up the great work!

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    +1 well, pretty much a toggle off for almost every fps drop source:
    *like damage numbers (i dont really need to see how much damage i do all the time... just when im testing it, which i also find pretty annoying after some point)
    *picking items animation (Idk how it is with pet vac, but without it picking up items hella freeze my game in most maps)
    *anny other suggestion.
    PD: background toggle off really helps? lol



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