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    Report for Harassment

    IGN of Accuser: Esteii

    IGN of Accused: AiiezenLord

    Rules Broken:We want to make it clear that Harassment of any form whether it is directly or indirectly not tolerated. This includes the use of racial or homophobic slurs, slander or libel against other users, repetitive name-calling, and deliberate hostility towards other users.

    Was farming happily and the accused 'AiiezenLord'' came into my map and started hitting the mobs.
    I told him politely 'Don't hit tq' and his reply was 'wht a sknakk' and 'peace nerd' ,as you can see
    from the image i attached with this post. Maybe to him 'Don't hit tq' was not as polite as it seems and somehow offended him,but his comment was totally unnecessary and i felt offended by it.Thanks for reading the post

    Additional Comments:-NIL-
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    Player has been temporarily banned for harassment.

    Thank you for the report.



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