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    Autoban for Hacking

    So yesterday night I joined AriesMS for the first time. I was training on golems on channel 10 at level 62 berserker then all of a sudden I got a message saying I was hacking and my account was banned. My laptop is brand new, I just got AriesMS, I havent played MS in 5 years, I have 0 knowledge on hacking so idk how I could even get banned for something I never done. I tried to log in to see if I really got banned and it REALLY GOT BANNED. So now I cannot even log into AriesMS anymore. Its really frustrating because I wasn't even doing anything wrong.

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    Most servers are banning automatically for edited .WZ files, given your story only GM can check it out tho'

    Also you posted it in the wrong place, Go to the Sub-Forum "Appeal" and post it there.



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