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    Red face Vibing-in-with-good-energy-and-a-friendly-intro

    IGN: DanceGod
    Background: Cantonese
    Area: Toronto

    Just deciding to return back to maplestory (my childhood game) to occasionally spend some time with the community.

    I'm usually practicing and self teaching myself Animation Dance, which is one of the newest and hardest advanced styles of Hip-Hop and Popping, which includes gliding, tutting, animating to every aspect of the music.

    Hope I can have at least a small circle of open like minded Ladies and Gentlemen to vibe with in-game.

    Since dance is the biggest part of my life I'd also like to share it with you.
    I've been dancing for 2 years now & I've made it far.
    In my opinion and from experience. The more you learn from experience and suffering in life, the more fire you've got in you to feed your passions. Time is just a scale of what you're able to do within any amount of time.

    Here's a video of me Animation freestyling during my 1st & a half year of dancing. I've been dancing for 2 and a half years now so if you wanna see my improvement checkout my newest clips. I'm tight with DragonHouse crew which is the worlds #1 famous dance crew just thought I'd throw that out there too.

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    I'm an Animation Dancer that will open your eyes to see what you never thought was visible, music.
    Youtube/ iAmAwakeDance
    Instagram: AwakePerception

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    Welcome to aries!
    Warm - F/P



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