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Thread: Violet Cubes

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    To everyone: The issue was already resolved. Please do not use this post as an outlet to vent about your cubing mishaps. The staff members are working really hard trying to solve and fix the server's problems. If you believe there is a bug please report it politely under bugs. Forum > AriesMS > Support > Bug, then create a new thread. It is a fact that potentials are harder to receive. If there's an issue have a voice and create a thread so the staff can know as soon as possible. Regarding that, complaining how you can get stat% easily or not at all, will not resolve your issue. There is absolutely no right or wrong answer to it. Please respect the changes made into Aries, if not you have every right to protest. Please make a new thread about Red cubes and/or Bonus cubes. If you have a Violet cube problem you may post it here or make a new thread. When posting make sure it's not a complaint and it's legitimate. The issue has already been resolved so please with all respect be respectful.

    Proof is on announcements 1/11/17
    "Fixed some stats too often from cubes compared to others" -Squeezeme

    Violet cube bug, please post here but make sure it's not a complaint or make a new thread.

    Bonus cube bug, please support @wushangui 's post.

    Red cube bug, please create a new thread if there is a problem.

    click picture above c:

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