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    Job change? (funding problem)

    After testing some classes I found DA very exciting (mostly because he's veryyyy strong). Onyx set + jap weapon + noob cubes + my buffs = 500k range.
    but.. what now? I don't want spend money to get gooooooood potential lines on onyx crap because I am not able to farm long hours because of my impatience. after 1 hour killing aliens im getting bored. (maybe it would be different if I had to just put button down and pet vac do the job..)
    anyway I checked tyrant parts price for me. and well... tyrant boots for warrior costs 500 mil.. the cheapest one..
    I also checked other classes (mage-150m, archer-120m, pirate 80m-120m wtf, even thief only half of warrior price).
    This situation discouraged me to play warrior for now. but I have no idea which class would reach my expectations.
    From those the cheapest classes I think BM is pretty fun but I don't know.. no stance inconvenience? poor excuse ikr.. :/
    also Bucc seems pretty fun. (his 4th job horizontal blast is my first love lol XD) but seems a bit slow.
    No clue about mages. Mages movement always wasn't so good (unless BaM. BaM is pretty mobile imo)
    idk what to do.. change to other class or deal with this DA.
    Could you maybe guys help me with this? I'm stuck.. Q.Q

    You're right.
    But for next excuse I can give you an example you're not 100% right. If my main was night walker?? X D
    this class farming must be a nightamare and I have not seen any farming yet. probably night walkers have other char to farm mesos/coins/whatever except bossing "farming" X D
    Just my thinking. I might be wrong but it's my next excuse : x
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    You're problem is that you're being lazy and finding the quickest way, even though it's right in front of you. All your problems instantly go away if you manage to just farm and do your daily bosses for reward point/daily voting etc.

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    Just stick on DA if that is the class you enjoy playing. If you cant farm for many hours straight, you can set yourself certain goals for an example, vote => do daily stuff => farm 1 hour => random stuff

    If you keep doing that everyday you will make a huge progress over time. Its not an overnight thing to get funded but this way you will make some stable progress with your character .^^



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