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    [AriesMS] V Job Megathread

    Note: If anyone has Level 200+ Characters on GMS/EMS and would like to help put their efforts towards V, please PM me.

    As of today, the Elluel Network Staff Team will be working on V Job Skills and updates. This thread will be used to inform players of what exactly is happening within V Job.

    In order to not keep everyone in suspense for their V Job Skills, we will be releasing the Unique Job Exclusive Skills and the Job Branch Skills as we are able to get them working. This means that some will have their V Job Skill working before others.

    In order to keep track of what Jobs and Skills are being worked on, the spoiler below will indicate which Unique Job Skills that have been implemented.. If your job is NOT on this list and your unique skill is NOT working, please do NOT make a bug report about it as we are aware.

    Now that that is out of the way, let's head into more information about V.

    5th Job Advancement Quest

    In order to start 5th Job Advance, you will need to be level 200 or above.
    You do not need to do the Temple of Time Quests.

    Arcane River, Arcane Symbols, and Arcane Forces
    Arcane River is a new area that requires Arcane Force. If you do not have the required amount of Arcane force you will do less damage that you should, having more Arcane force will require in more damage.

    Nodestones and Skills
    Note: Nodes and Cores are interchangeable words. In one version is Cores, while the other is Nodes, but they both function and act the same.

    Each time you open a Node, you will get a random Node Skill. There are several different kinds.

    Skill Nodes
    give you a Special V Job Skill
    Boost Nodes enhance skills that you already have
    Special Nodes give you a certain buff depending on if you meet the criteria or not.

    To learn a lot more about Nodestones, Unique V Skills, Special Cores, and Boost Cores you can go to Nexon's Information Page about V or Orange Mushroom's Page about V..

    To get your first Nodestone, head again to the Quest Icon and click the Quest 'V Matrix'. Continue the quest and you will be rewarded with a Skill Node which gives you your Unique Job Skill.

    In order to get more nodes, you will need to hunt them in Arcane River. Once you collect a Nodestone, you can double-click to use it and get a random node.

    The skills that you get from Nodestones are random, so your job may be a Hero, but you might get a Xenon Boost node. This is normal.

    If you are not finding the Nodes you need for your specific Job, you can always craft them.

    More information will be added/updated into this thread so please stay tuned!

    -Elluel Network Staff Team
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    Skills will be added during the update on January 8, 2017. You can find them in the spoiler tab.

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