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    Disable trading in AriesMS

    Now with problem that some player got banned for accepting item from people who duping, or quitting (then charge back), without know they doing it. Like example my friend who quitting then give all guild members item, then all members of the guild (without knowing that person going to charge back for example), all going to get banned. And don't say you responsible for accepting item from others player. Admit it, no one would refuse item from quitting. I suggest make giving item when quitting illegal, or disable trading in AriesMS to prevent these thing to happend.
    Or Gms can look closer into these case instead of just denying it, and giving reason like "Blame him for it" or " We know what you were doing." without proof.
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    This is probably one of the best suggestions I have seen. Not only will this create a more enjoyable and friendly community, it will prevent the possibilities of scams, duping, and RMTing from happening. Hackers/botters would also not benefit as much as they normally would because they cannot trade away hacked/botted items. Reboot is currently the most populated server on GMS and I think this is part of the reason why.

    +1 Great suggestion from Madoka himself

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    Although I don't agree with disabling trading (and I doubt that was the true purpose of your thread too), how the GMs looked at certain appeals that happened recently blows my mind. I only know 1 of the many people who recently got banned because they received items from a friend/guildie who was quitting the game, and decided to have a giveaway. NONE of the people who received an item was aware that the person was a donor and was planning on charging back, so just like any giveaway, they took the stuff they were given and that was that. Yet, once the donor decides to do the charge back, every single person who received an item was permanently banned? I've talked to one of the people who was banned, and they said they were completely unaware of the donor/charge back situation until they were banned, and that they would have NEVER taken the items if they knew beforehand, and ALSO that they're more than willing to delete/NPC the items they received.

    Although this is completely off-topic from your "suggestion", this is just my 2-cent on what happened~

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    it's pretty ridiculous that people are getting banned simply for receiving items free in a trade, with literally no other information about the items.

    disabling trading may sound like a joke, and that all "free" items should be declined in suspicion, but consider this hypothetical situation:
    i find a smega that's selling 2k dp at 1:1.6
    now that's a pretty good value from the current average price of 1.8 right? i'm basically getting 200 extra dp considering the current price.

    but what if he gets banned?
    there's then this gray area of "200dp out of the 2k he sold u was technically free so you're instantly a conspirator"

    and suddenly we realize i literally can't safely trade with anyone at all. bye economy.

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    We don't know which players are going to 'Quit' their items and hand out free items to the public whenever they feel like it, so you're suggesting an impossible scenerio to me, in my opinion. Also, disabling trades is a obvious no, that's where most players make their meso/gain the most fun out of the game.

    Admins do look into these trades and possibly look into whispers/chats of the players who were involved in the bannings. Just because we're vague with the ban appeal, doesn't mean we're not looking into the bans.

    You guys don't need to know who got banned or even for what reason to begin with, so suggesting that the GMs should be more clear on ban appeals or look into bans more is not something a player should be suggesting, since bans are ONLY for the staff members to know about.

    Suggestion is denied.
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