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    [General] Link skills and you - The 1hr Link training guide

    Disclaimer: This guide only has the intention of training Level 2 link skills in the fastest way possible. This is a general guide that anyone can do, as well as not requiring anything beyond voting a minimum of once per day to achieve this speed. I created a video with a Cannoneer, one of the slower classes to train for link skills. Here's a quick video at 4x speed to show you what I do myself, and this is with a cannoneer!

    So, you want to get some links together to boost the stats of your main character. Well, I guess you don't want to spend 4 hours or more per character just getting it to level 120. So I'm here to show you how to do it in around 1 hour or less with a simple guide with a lot of information. Here's how to do it!

    All link skills and information for AriesMS can be found here. Be sure to read through and decide what you want to start with! Remember, link skills are best done before you begin training on your main account! Some characters are faster then most due to mob damage and attack speed, so be aware that some may only take 45 minutes, while others take an hour!

    Create your character, and when you log in to it, be sure to purchase a 2x EXP coupon from the vote point shop for 3 VP. The more links you want to do, the longer you need this for. This will speed the whole process up immensely!

    Levels/Important notes Monster Map Explination
    Level 1-10 Some characters need pre-quests done, others don't. Be sure to finish them first! Be sure to follow everything the game tells you to! Just in case.
    Level 10-30
    Flaming Mixed Golem
    Golem's Temple: Golem's Temple 3 Fast, easy to kill, and they do little to no damage.
    Level 30 - 75

    Flaming Mixed Golem

    Icy Mixed Golem
    Golem's Temple: Golem's Temple 3
    Golem's Temple: Golem's Temple 2
    It takes a while at level 30 to kill two or three golems.
    Once you kill a few, you will level up, and chain
    level up thanks to the map wipe from the leveling
    effect. This is pretty fast, will take about 10
    minutes to hit level 75.

    Elite Icy Golems if Flame Golem maps are full!!
    Level 75 - Level 85
    Sand Rats

    Sunset Road: Sahel 2 Small map, flat, quick to maneuver.
    You only need to be here for 10 levels.
    Level 85 - 103/105
    Alcadno Research Institute: Lab - Area C-1 Same as above, but their spawn rate is stupidly high!
    There's tons here, and the ledges can be used to
    move out of the way of knockback and damage
    from the mobs but still able to attack them.
    Level 103 - 120
    Zakum/Zakum Arms
    You should know where this is. Every class can clear normal Zakum.
    You can either just kill the arms for the fastest results,
    or kill the full body as well. I choose to do
    the body as some times the drops can be used.

    That's it! I made a video documenting this process. It took longer to render it then it did to make a level 120+ link mule.
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