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Thread: Kana Kishin

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    economy was fine before kishin became a thing. it's like you don't want to buy dp for cheaper relative to when dp was more expensive during kishin times. if you're slightly interested in how the economy was doing, and not for your personal benefits, you would realise time coins / bpot cubes and nx were too easily obtainable, hence the hyperinflation of perm nx. looking at the impact of kishin nerf, you see that dp prices dropped from 2.2~2.3 peak to 1.8 as of now, i've always seen the negative relationship between bpot prices and dp, higher the bpot prices, the lower the rate of dp. not to mention kishin nerf affects on nx as well, which also caps the price of bpot cubes to whatever nx rate is, which is around 1:1 as of now and when new ssb rotation comes expect it to increase to up to 1.2.

    now, whatever your reason is for wanting to buff kishin, think of the economy instead of yourself. if you're dedicated you'll spend the extra hours relative to pre-nerf to farm for whatever you need. but if you solely want to remove the nerf just because it'll help you progress faster at the expensive of the economy blasting off into hyperinflation, which will affect new players' ability to gear up.

    quit complaining and adapt to new conditions. if you have not seen already, people swamp ppq and innoc / silver bpot stamp prices have dropped or has become more much volatile, which shows other players' ability to adapt and match to market conditions / competitiveness.

    if you're still insisting on playing kanna, that's fine too, harden the fk up and report existing bugs that may affect how kanna performs. kanna was never a farm mule to begin with and you've picked an extremely difficult class to do dpm well on.

    this and other kanna threads are stupid. stop it.

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    Yalo yalo pls make everyjob have a kishin so no need to argue anymore

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    This discussion is going nowhere.

    We will assess whether or not there needs to be adjustments with regards to Kanna's usability, otherwise, it will remain as it is.

    Case closed.



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