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    [Known Bugs] Please do not post them anymore!

    Dear players,

    Below is the list of bugs that are known to the server, however, due to issues arising from Nexon's end, some of the bugs will not be fixed in the near future until Nexon rectifies it.

    ID Bug Name Description
    1 Root Abyss Coin Shop When you try to buy RA keys with a coin instead of mesos, it defaults to buying the key with mesos anyways.
    2 Hidden Abilities Locking of abilities sometimes doesn’t work as intended. Work is on it’s way.
    3 Boss Debuffs Some debuffs last longer than intended, there’s nothing much we can do about it for now.
    4 Vicious’ Hammer Upon using item, character will be stuck in the UI, was fixed previously but the issue is popping up again.
    5 HP/MP Bar Issues Unable to repot to max HP/MP as indicated by the system.
    6 Shade's Spirit Bond MAX Upgrade What does this upgrade do? Well, it gives Shades a 10% chance to spawn a 'liver' on the ground that gives it 4 additional seconds added to the hyper skill. Along with being able to spawn either a spirit claw that does damage, a spirit frenzy for 4.8 seconds that does continuous damage, or apply the spirit ward buff regardless whether it was on cd or not. This is pretty big, especially with how low shade's DPM/HPM is along with the GMS nerfs to compensate for this upgrade.
    7 Changing of Eye Colour When you use a eye colour change from cash shop/NPC, certain faces will change completely.
    8 Buff Disappears when Changing of Channel Some buffs just randomly disappears upon changing channel.
    9 Battle Mage The Dark Emblem is not working on certain bosses. The damage is not being applied when attacking Madman or anything else in game. The emblem should be producing 350% damage 4 times, each time the emblem is consumed.
    10 Chaos Vellum Chaos Vellum stuck in ground hence unable to attack/ proceed with the boss run.
    11 Missing/Misplaced Hairstyles in SBC Special Beauty Coupons don't seem to include some hairstyles that are gender specific. For example, Kinesis default hairstyle (Filling Hair) is only obtainable when Females use SBC's, even though it's a Male hairstyle.
    12 Monsters that Freeze in Game Some monsters spawned in game for quest/PQ purposes are not killable, they freeze upon summoning and hence the whole quest will not be able to be completed.
    13 Commerci Denaros Commerci denero gain is working as intended, however, if players were to utilise all of the income, you will not gain anything in return.
    14 AP Reset Bug Unable to reassign AP that was dumped into HP and MP. Paragon level AP gains has interfere with the AP calculations
    15 Lotus Purple Fireball Fireball doesn’t do any damage as intended.
    16 Royal Hair Coupon Coupon that is of one time use will not save the hair if user did not save it themselves. Upon disconnecting from the server, hair will be lost.
    17 Greed Pendant (%Meso line) Correct calculation of obtained %meso line is not reflected properly by @check
    18 Evolution Lab Mineral and Herb Cores Mineral and Herb Drop Cores do not drop the Minerals and Herbs that it displays.
    19 The Pendant of The Spirit Bug Pendant of the Spirit does not give us a message about EXP Boost after equipping and doesn't increase EXP from killing monsters.
    20 Commerci Denaros Lacking of commerci denaros will disable any purchase of items in the commerci shop. On GMS, stimulus system allows user to gain additional 10 deneros, however, such system does not exist in our server.
    21 Magnus Death Count Death count does not work properly, players are able to revive unlimited times.
    22 Cubing If you run out of mesos cubing with NPC Lilin then your item's potential becomes reset to hidden. However it is still the same rank and lines.
    23 MPE Green Potion Duration Bug
    24 Blacklist function does not work. B acklist feature is not allowing to add anyone to it. It does not say anything when you try to add someone and then when trying again, says that the process is being requested, please try again later.
    25 Beast Tamer Bug Quick Slot Upon logging in, quick slot skill does not change for current animal. Reorganizing of skill is always needed upon logging in to the server.
    26 Tower of Oz Question Ring Box Different (time-limited) potential rings should be awarded but the box is not giving out anything.
    27 Boss Drops Drop Outside of the Screen
    28 AP bug(Not being given the right amount) The amount of AP a character should get upon reaching 250 seems to be bugged. The amount of AP all classes should have is 1268 at level 250, but it seems in this sever it varies from class to class; where some get more AP or less AP than the correct amount.
    29 Achievement Coin Special Potential Scroll Special Potential Scroll from the shop does not always give the 3L that is described on the scroll itself. It's a visual bug, the ID of the item that's in there is supposed to be a special potential scroll, but the icon just shows bonus
    30 Fatigue of Familiar does not recover every hour Every hour, you're supposed to recover 20 fatigue (aside from the daily reset, where it's supposed to set it back down to 0). Unfortunately, you don't recover 20 fatigue per hour right now; only at the daily reset.
    31 Epic/Unique Potential scrolls Epic pot scrolls 80% and 100% are suppose to raise "Rare" revealed potentials to "Epic", however, you can't even use both 80% or 100% epic pot scrolls on equipments that are "Rare". You can only use them on equipments with no potentials.
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