lvl 201(currrently)
Kanna low to no funds due to small amount of days on server...
Different maps may yield discount rates...such as higher exp maps GS-2 isnt really good exp anymore. higher exp maps with safe spots that i can get to without dying yeild potentially FREE services


160m meso/hour
160k Nx/hour
2x stack red cubes(200)/hour
2 stacks premium cubes(200)/hour

Consider other offers but mainly only need those 4 things...
considered items of trade aswell

Fafnir bow(wind archer)
Da hp% Equips

Kanna gears int% or simply 3 pot lines... open to serious inqueries

InGame name to contact(bet method)
FanHunts (main that is my kanna and what im on 95% the time)
ZYXW (Wind archer that i recently made to try n farm)

Prev/ongoing customers(will update and add in others i have forgotton off top my head):