So, there's been a rumor about Destiny 2 coming out for the PS4 and Xbox One and I'm pretty hyped for it. Being a year one player on Destiny I have some idea's for the game. Comment below on what you think should be added or should not be added in Destiny 2. Here are my thoughts,

Expand: I feel Destiny 2 should expand the social system. What I mean is maybe add Destiny 2 on pc as well. BUT, have like a special program so that players can play with other players within the PS4, Xbox One and PC community as well as a higher chance of joining a pvp lobby (Crucibles, Iron Banner, Etc.). Also, I feel there should be a private lobby for Destiny 2 when entering a social space only because maybe there are some private conversations we like to keep among ourselves. I know there is muting your mic for something else or using a third party app to talk but let's keep that out of the options for now.

PVE: There should be an option to boot or like vote a boot whenever someone goes inactive for awhile during these things. I had people in my experience just stay inactive and leave me and a teammate to do a raid on our own and they would come at the last minute. So, there should indeed be an option for this.

Weapons & Armors:
I'm a sucker for how something looks like. In Destiny 1 they give us shaders to change our armor only. But they should add an option to change the color of our weapons as well. Like, in the newest DLC "Rise to Iron" they let us drastically change how the DLC armor looks like by finding specific material (mainly got to buy real life money for this) so it should have a similar concept for weapons in Destiny 2.

This all all opinionated so feel free to judge on my opinions or if you have any opinions on your own.