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    Wely's Gm Application

    Name: Wely

    Age: 20 Years Young.

    Gender: Alpha Male

    Character Name: Wely

    Do You Have Skype?
    I do.

    Are You On Discord?
    Yes Ė My Discord Name Is Wely

    Time Zone
    It is Hard To Tell, Since Iím Always On The Move.

    In The Minds & Hearts of My Inferiors

    When did you join Aries MS?
    The time by which Wely (Best Known as the Phenomenal One) joined Aries MS remains as unresolved Mystery.

    What do you like most about Aries MS?
    Creating Female Characters & Gold Dig Beta/Omega Males

    How well are you able to communicate with the players?
    One thing you need to know regard my communication & social skills, If Greek Gods Still Walked The Earth To the Main Time Iím typing This Right Now They Would Be Reading My Book That I Wrote Last Summer With The Title Of ďHow To Manipulate & Play People Through Efficient CommunicationĒ.

    Do you have any other commitments?
    Iím a Supreme Member Of The Shadow Government That Runs The World And Creates Itís Most Tragic Incidents, Wars & Famine Mainly Through Telling Those Who Were Publicly Elected What To Do & When To Do It Utilizing Methods From is Bribe, Death Threat, Blackmail And Other Coercion Methods That Are Designed To Intimidate Victims in Order To Manipulate their behaviors.

    Have you ever played any of the official Maple Story(s)?
    Nope, I havenít. That is a complete waste of time.

    Have you ever been assigned a Staff Position on any Private Server Game(s)?
    Nope, But I was begged to Become Staff by Every Server That I Played Admins. But Iím brought up by my parents to not respond to Beggars or That Girl I Slept with Last Night.

    Are you more Comfortable Working Alone or on a Team?
    While Everything Comes With Both Pros & Cons. Working Alone Or In Team Is A One Face Coin To Wely. It doesnít Matter Whether Iím A Lone Wolf Or The Pack Leader Whatever I Want, Need, Think & Demand Is All That Matters. I Praise Dictatorship, Unity Of Command & Strict Hierarchical Structures.

    What Skills Or Unique Qualities Will You Bring With You To The Aries MS Staff Team?
    I Believe That Once I Become A GM. It Is Only A Matter OF Really Short Time Until Both Players & Staff Realize That Wely Is Aries MS Most Valuable Asset.
    Iíll For Sure Support the Whole System by Brining My Charming, Charismatic & Intelligence to The Table. That Provokes Me To Tell You More About Superior Me. I Enjoy Great Deal Of Self-Confidence, Independence, And Exude Sexual Energy.
    Iím perceived by My Inferiors to Be Extremely Self-Absorbed, Masterful Liar, Compassionless, Often Sadistic, Possess a Boundless Appetite for Power, Manipulative, Volatile & Often but Not Always a Criminal.

    Besides Those Listed Above, What do you believe to be important Qualities of a Game Master?
    Merciless, Inexorable, Brutal, Harsh, Tough, Ruthless, Precognitive Dreamer (Meaning Can Predict Future For Those Who Didnít Get Their Fair Share Of Education), Mind Reader, And Most Importantly A Best Friend.

    Why Do You Want To Work With Us?
    I Find This Server In Need Of An Inspiring Command & Chief-Ship. Iíd Humbly Accept to Lead This Server to Success.

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    Could u not do troll apps? This isn't funny in any way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elyx
    You must join the server for at least 2 weeks and have a minimum of 15 forum posts.



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