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    New to AMS ·My LF in AMS·

    Hello everybody my name is Adrian, its been a long time since i played maplestory (Global or PS) and im back to this poison so.. im gonna be posting my progress of everyday so.. enjoy

    1 - Getting the job adv.
    lvl 11.jpg (heres the image link since i cannot make it bigger LOL)
    so.. i started to play an Evan so lets see how this goes :P

    2 - Second job so quick o.o
    lvl 30.jpg
    After not much time i got to level 30 so this starts going as it should be.

    3 - Killing an elite boss
    after 20 mins of an intense fight ._. nobody wanted to come and help

    4 - Level 100
    lvl 100.jpg
    Well i got 3rd job and level 100 and i think its time to farm some zoo coins i should started at 70-80 but never its too late - any questions can be asked stay tuned
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