[Zero class bug] Critical Bind not applying to boss

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Aug 3, 2021
IGN: Yoianda
Job: Zero
Job Level: 215
Description of Bug (Explain the bug, How is it done, what should it really be doing? etc. An unclear description will not get the bug fixed):
Screenshot (If Applicable):

Like in title, I would like to add recorded proof:

In the video, I waited for around 35~40 sec to be sure Critical Bind's immunity cooldown is over,
after that I tried spamming Beta skill to apply this 10% chance to binding for 5 seconds. I repeated many times to show that the bind didn't apply at all.

10% chance is very high especially Beta's hit is multiple times, I tested on normal monsters, they all got stunned only after a few hits.

I also never got to see bosses got stunned by beta's hit ever in this server since I first joined a few weeks ago. I played other server before, and I also got a friend in current Reboot to test, and I am very sure Critical Bind should work on boss, that's a 100% certainty.
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