Wild Hunter Final Attack Bug

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Sep 20, 2018
IGN: Zouyu
Job: Wild Hunter
Job Level: 242
Description of Bug:
Final attack stops working when either 1. Summoned Jaguar is attacking the target, or 2. Another bite debuff is on the target, i am not sure which causes final attack to stop working because i cannot test those two independent of one another. Basically final attack is supposed to proc at a 70% chance and it seems to work perfectly fine with just hurricane alone, but once a jaguar is summoned and starts attacking the target, final attack almost completely stops working. It seems as though the more jaguars hitting the target the less and less final attack procs. This is a bug with aries because in GMS there is no such issue, final attack works in tandem with summoned jaguars and another bite. Please look into this issue as final attack is a huge portion of the damage output.

(the screenshots showcase the difference in final attack activation with no jaguars, 1 summoned jaguar, and 7 summoned jaguars)
The amount of final attack procs went from 173 (with just hurricane), to 60 (with 1 jaguar), to 29 (with 7 jaguars). All tests were 30 seconds long.
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After some more testing, it seems like the issue is with the another bite debuff causing final attack to not activate nearly as much as it should. Another bite works similarly to final attack as it just adds extra lines of damage but they should function as two separate skills that should not interfere with one another


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