What is going on?

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Feb 8, 2019
Hello I signed up for this server just today. I chose Demon Slayer as my class, but this were really weird in the beginning. Quest were not working properly. Either they didn't work or the text were acting weird. I receiver no weapon drops or meso drops whatsoever. I have receive other drops but weapon/armor drops are not dropping.
I can't receive quest rewards from for example Mastema (Purple cat). The game gets stuck very often, Skill points dont function properly. On my 2nd job everything is maxed, but it says that I have 1 skill point left, and it triggers me.

Is this a server thing or is there something wrong on my side? I have no clue. Can someone help me?


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Sep 21, 2018
The Mastema quests, and many other quests, are not coded in. Skill points are supposed to be like that; I believe it would be the same if you played an official server. You can look at your gift box on the left side of your screen to receive starter gear as you level up to level 100.

Not sure what you mean by game getting stuck. If you are dcing, that is likely an internet connection issue. If mobs all freeze for a few seconds and you can't use skills, that's normal server lag, which happens irregularly based on server load.
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