New member
Oct 4, 2018
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
It's been awhile since I started playing maplestory again, I think it's been like 4 or 5 years.. I've started my journey with Bankaistory back in 2010-2011 then continued playing VillainMS v75 and after that VoidMS v62 and everything after that I forgot lmao.. I'm completely overwhelmed by maplestory once again and figured out that I should play again so I hope I'll have a nice stay here in AriesMS! I can smell the potential in this server and maybe I can re-enjoy my experience here like in the old days.

Anyways I'm Muby, in-game name: VadeOG. You can call me Muby, Vade or w/e you'd like :] I'm from Amsterdam, The Netherlands!
I'm 20 years old, currently studying IB (International Business) and do some part-time jobs to earn some mes0ss.
Feel free to add me in-game, or hit me up in the forums or anywhere. I always like to have a conversation and make some new friends :]

Hope y'all have a great week!

ps; It's like 5:30 AM so I'll be sleeping lmao I will reply/read all the comments when I wake up :)