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Jul 17, 2018
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Voting not only helps us to maintain our position on GTOP, but you can also acquire Vote Points in-game to exchange for items that will help you along your way in AriesMS! You may only vote once per IP every 24 hours; should you vote between the cooldown period, you will be provided a time in PST in which you last voted (if you are voting via the website). Do take note that AdBlock should be disabled on the GTOP website to ensure that you are able to view the website properly and its captcha in order to complete the voting process.

There are 2 methods to voting. Here's a mini-guide on how to do so:

OPTION A - Voting via Website
Ensure that your account is logged out before voting with this method. Navigate to our main website and select the Vote option as shown.


You will be brought to your Vote History page. If the page with the following message is highlighted in green as shown below, you can vote again.

Select the message 'Click Here to Vote Now!' to open a new tab with the GTOP website.


If your Vote History page has the following message, then you will need to wait for the indicated time to pass before being able to vote.


If you think this is a mistake and you have not voted in the last 24 hours, then you are likely using a shared network with other AriesMS players. A quick fix would be to vote with mobile data instead.

You will then be brought to the GTOP voting page with the following captcha verification process, select Verify to begin.


Use either of the arrows to rotate the picture as shown to correct its angle.

Once done, select Done to complete the verification process.

What's left is to submit your votes. Select to vote and you're set!

To be safe, wait for about 5 minutes before logging back in on your character.


OPTION B - Voting via Game
With this method, you are voting in-game, and need not be logged out. Type the @vote command in-game and enter.


You will receive the following message in-game while a GTOP webpage is being launched with your browser.


Similar to Option A, complete the verification process, however, wait for approximately 1-2 minutes after completing it.




The objective of waiting is to ensure that you do not get the following message in-game.


If you get the above message, close the GTOP webpage and repeat the first step of this method. Repeat until you do not get the message after waiting for a recommended 2 minutes.

Once you no longer receive the message in-game, click to vote!


After clicking to vote, DO NOT MOVE your character and DO NOT CLOSE THE GTOP PAGE until you receive a new in-game message for your vote.


Type @check in-game to check your accumulated balance.
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