Vellum (All mode) some last bug after Jan 21st restart

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Jul 19, 2018
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Description of Bug (Explain the bug, How is it done, what should it really be doing? etc. An unclear description will not get the bug fixed):

Vellum bug got fixed after restart, but have some last bug for this boss:
- Vellum (All mode) summon from altar click is too fast in here, its should summon Vellum after summon animation end. (look GMS video 0:49 for click altar, 0:54 for after summon animation end)
- Vellum (Chaos mode) DoT attack sometime using other buff/debuff/summon mob when rare occasions after Vellum DoT attack fix, its should only spawn DoT area when attack. (look Aries video 5:54 to 6:03)
- Vellum (All mode) DoT attack sometime spawn DoT area in air (like this screenshot link in Aries), its shouldnt spawn in air sometime. (look GMS video 6:15 to 6:23, and look Aries video 4:36 for DoT area in air)
- Vellum (Normal mode) DoT attack still doesnt use when player not dead, its should use when Boss hp below 60%.
- Vellum (Chaos mode) fire breath skill sometime pull player effect (when start using) and push player effect (when attacking) to wrong side, its should correct side when using skill and attacking.
- Vellum (All mode) attack animation can stop when boss dead in here, its should still attack animation until animation end after boss killed. (look GMS video 12:37 for boss kill when boss using attack animation, 12:47 for boss dead animation)
Screenshot (If Applicable):

Chaos Vellum in GMS:

Chaos Vellum in Aries:
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