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Jul 19, 2018
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Description of Bug (Explain the bug, How is it done, what should it really be doing? etc. An unclear description will not get the bug fixed):

Tower of Oz have some bugs:
Tower of Oz Shop:
1. Broken Box Piece is not working in here, its should need 10 Broken Box Piece to exchange to a Ring Box that can give an Oz Ring (excluding Ultimatum Ring)
2. The Seed Question Ring Box is not working, its should have provides a ring with random potential (up till Legendary, for 3-7 days random)

Tower of Oz:
Tower of Oz F3: mob egg drop is too less in here, its should drop 3 egg from every mob.
Tower of Oz F4:
1. Player head doesnt showing yellow arrow when need going another piece, its should showing. (look video 2:58)
2. System showing lost balance point text frame need update to GMS-like, its should change. (look video 2:58)
Tower of Oz F7: (this stage need change to GMS-like, look video 5:33)
1. Player need kill 18 wave for mob spawn, and every wave will spawn 7 mob after one wave mob killed, not need kill 100 mob in this stage.
2. Player need protection NPC when mob try to deal NPC damage, it will fail when mob kill NPC.
Tower of Oz F13: (this stage need change to GMS-like, look video 11:00)
There's have 5 wave mob to kill, not showing all mob in a wave, there's 5 wave mob list:
- Wave 1: 15 Blue Flower Cows. (look video 11:03)
- Wave 2: 15 Green Flower Cows. (look video 11:18)
- Wave 3: 15 White Thorny Bears. (look video 11:33)
- Wave 4: 15 Brown Thorny Bears. (look video 11:48)
- Wave 5: 25 total mob of a random composition. (look video 12:04)
Tower of Oz F14: minigame is not working when enter, its should have minigame. (look video 12:18 to how to working in GMS)
Tower of Oz F18: Wooden boxes always drop coconuts in here, its should have 10 Lorangs sometime.
Tower of Oz F22: Cloud always not disappear, its should appear 5 seconds, and disappear 5 seconds.
Tower of Oz F24: Sometime showing non-town BGM in here, its should always showing Town BGM.
Tower of Oz F36:
1. System need change to 6 wave question not showing all wave mob hit question. (look video 30:46, 31:12, 31:39, 32:23, 32:58, 33:35)
2. System will not change to cutscenes mode to every wave, its should change until once wave system question end. (look video 30:46, 31:12, 31:39, 32:23, 32:58, 33:35)
3. System not showing text frame in screen, its should showing text frame. (look video 30:46, 31:12, 31:39, 32:23, 32:58, 33:35)
Tower of Oz F37: it need 100 mob for all type, not showing total mob kill, its should change. (look video 34:16)
Tower of Oz F50: Dorothy Boss doesnt drop Aquarius Crown in here, its should drop.

Screenshot (If Applicable):
Tower of Oz F1~F41 in GMS:
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