This ID has been deleted or blocked.


New member
Jul 11, 2019
New or existing player?: Existing
Device Type (e.g. Laptop/Desktop): Desktop
Connection Type (e.g. Wired/Wireless): Wired
Operating System (e.g. Windows 7): Windows 10
Bit Type (e.g. 64-bit): 64 bit
Description of Issue (please provide specific details on what your issue is): I was logged in and have tried to change a character in my account, so I clicked on the Change a Character button, but when I tried logging in again it suddenly popped a message saying "This ID has been deleted or blocked. Please try a different ID."

Am I banned? :O
If so, what for exactly..?

Methods you have tried: Relogging, restarting pc and relogging.
Additional remarks:

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