Surprise Style Box – Item Suggestions!


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Jul 12, 2018



Hey there! Have you always wanted a permanent NX that you couldn't find in the SSB?
Look no further as we are giving everyone a chance to request any NX item (maximum of TWO at each time)
they want to be put in the next rotation of the SSB!

How to get Surprise Style Boxes?
Open Cash Shop, click the items in the bottom.

How much do they cost?
20,000 NX

Are they permanent?

Are they tradeable?
Yes. @offerequip for NX items that have already been worn.



Some rules to remember before requesting:
- Follow the format or else your request will most likely be ignored
- No bashing of other people's request
- There is no need to reserve any postings
- Posting your requests do not guarantee that the item will be put in the next rotation of SSB
- Suggesting the newest items in terms of version will more than likely be ignored due to the sheer number of unused items in past versions
- Suggesting themed items in contrast to the current season will also be duly ignored

- The SSB will rotate only when we have decided it's time to rotate
- Do not bother any of the staff members by repeatedly asking for the next rotation
- We will be closing the thread when we think it has gotten enough suggestions from players and will reopen it for a new rotation
- Kindly avoid suggesting items that were already added previously or has currently been suggested by another player
- Limited to 2 items per request per individual. No double or multi-posting.
- No pets, mounts, or anything that is not an NX equipment
- Please use image-hosting sites such as or, do not attach photos as the image is too small

Additional notes:
- We are currently NOT accepting suggestions for rings due to limitations in quantity




Name of Item:
ID of Item: (Optional)
Category of Item:
[Hat, Accessory, Top, Overall, Bottom, Gloves, Shoes, Shield, Weapon, Ring, Cape, Effect]
Picture/Description of Item:

You may refer to MapleStory Simulator for names and pictures.



How to get Names/IDs/Images of Items
or know if the item you want exists in GMS:

1. Download the GM Handtool from any of the links:
Google Drive
2. Run the program and you should see this.
3. Click the text box next to "MapleStory Folder" and locate the folder you're using for Aries.
4. Click "Load WZ".
You would have to keep clicking "Load WZ" whenever you change tabs.

Now, you can stop here and just get the ID for the item you're looking for or you can do these extra steps which will make searching for IDs easier.

5. Press the Save button on the right so the handtool makes a .bin file of your selected category.
The same with "Load WZ", you would have to save each category individually.
6. Pick "Load from BIN" and it should load the items much faster than loading from WZ.

And, you're done!
Happy searching for IDs!



Happy requesting!

Anyone caught not following the rules will receive an infraction.


Head GM
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Jul 17, 2018
Dragon's Cave
Name of Item: Dreamland
Category of Item: Cape
Picture / Description of Item:

Name of Item: Lily Print Overfit Outfit
Category of Item: Overall
Picture / Description of Item:

Name of Item: Knee Freedom
Category of Item: Bottom
Picture / Description of Item:
Kindly refer to the abovementioned rules of a maximum of 2 suggestions per post for a specific month.

Name of Item: Havoc Wings
ID of Item:
Category of Item: cape

Name of Item: Havoc's Uniform
ID of Item:
Category of Item: Overall
Picture/Description of Item:
Unfitting for the upcoming season, but is already reserved for a future release.