Summoning familiars with less than full vitality


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Jun 29, 2019
Currently, crusader codex familiars can only be summoned if all of their vitality orbs are full. The proposed alternative is that all familiars can be summoned as long as they have some, but not necessarily all of their vitality.

The following are the main complications that the current familiar system regularly causes:
  • If a player disconnects from the server or their game crashes while a familiar is summoned, they are unable to re-summon the familiar that they were using without waiting an amount of time proportionate to the amount of vitality that was consumed, possibly over an hour. This forces the player to either play without their familiar's effect or switch to an alternative familiar.
  • Flexibility between summoned familiars is needlessly restricted. The ability to change between any familiars with at least some vitality would greatly improve quality of life in several situations, such as switching between HP recovery and drop rate familiar effects while bossing without penalty, and being able to farm item drops such as Monster Park coins without waiting for either the Big Spider, Mutant Ribbon Pig, or False Daimyo familiars to recharge fully.
An unexpected game crash while farming Monster Park was the impetus that led me to write this suggestion. About half of my Big Spider's vitality is still missing as I finish writing this post, and considering that I am essentially barred from farming with desirable rates until it fully recharges, I figured I'd might as well suggest a change. It's a poorly designed system, and with some of the quality-of-life changes that AriesMS has introduced to make MapleStory less frustrating, it's surprising that the familiar system hasn't been improved. Most players depend on familiars to complete very common activities such as Arcane River daily quests, other item-collecting quests, and Monster Park runs. That said, this change would benefit most players to a significant extent.